英语:北京课改版七年级下Unit9《My fancy room》(学案)

Unit 9 My fancy room
Unit 9 My fancy room
① 知识目标	熟练掌握本单元的单词、短语、句型和语法
② 能力目标	能够熟练运用本单元的知识进行设计描述自己的房间。
难点:some…, some…, others
Ⅰ. 单词: 本单元中单词的音、形、意
Ⅱ. 词组
1. in front of…/ in the front of… 	在……前面     
2  on the left               	在……的左边   
3. on the right              		在……的右边   
4  next to…                	紧挨着       
5. beside the desk           		在桌子的旁边 
6. be made of(from)…       		由……材料制成 
7  be surprised…            	感到惊讶;感到意外 
8.  on the bookshelf          	在书架上      
9.  behind the door           	在门后       
10. on the floor               	在地板上      
11.on the wall                	在墙上       
12 .30 centimeters long        	30厘米长      
13 . 40 centimeters wide       	40厘米宽     
14 catch your eyes            	吸引你的眼球 
15 below the window         	在窗户底下    
16 the same size as…          	和……同样的尺寸 
17 fall asleep                 	入睡          
18. be born…                	出生于         
19. in the year of rabbit          	在兔年        
20. between… and…            	在……之间      
21. some …others…            	有的……有的(一些……其他的)
22. in red                     	穿着红色的衣服 
23. use… as…                 	把……用作      
24. a map of China              	一张中国地图   
25 .be sure…                   	肯定(心里很有把握)
26. live in the countryside         	住在乡村        
27. a house with a garden         	一幢带花园的房子
28. break the window            打碎窗户
29. stop … from               	阻止……发生
30. solve the problem           	解决问题
Ⅲ. 句子
1. I am surprised to see you here    在这里见到你我感到很惊讶。
2. There are many people on the playground, some are playing football, some are playing games, others are flying kites
3. My bag is made of different materials.   我的书包是由不同材料制成的。
4. These clothes are in different colors. 这些衣服颜色不同。
5. The toy catches your eyes quickly. 这个玩具很快吸引你的眼球。
6. On the right of my computer is a rabbit-shaped table lamp
7. I use a toy rabbit as my pillow我用玩具兔作枕头。
8. I fall asleep with the toy rabbit in my arms.我每天搂着我的玩具兔入睡。
9. I was born in the year of horse .我出生在马年。
10. His shoes are the same color as mine.    他的鞋和我的鞋颜色相同。
11. I am proud of my clever daughter.     我以我聪明的女儿为骄傲。
12. He learns to solve problems by using his own brain.他学会用他自己的脑子解决问题。
13. He enjoys fresh air and the beautiful nature.他喜欢新鲜的空气和美丽的自然。
14. He likes watching the birds singing and flying around.他喜欢看这些鸟唱歌和飞翔。
15. I have no idea what to do with this problem.  针对这个问题我不知道该做些什么。
1. If you walk into my room, I am sure you will be surprised to see rabbits everywhere.
1) walk into    走进…… 例如:
The teacher walks into the classroom with a book. 
The girl walks into the room quietly.
run into 
rush into
drive into
swim into 
come into
get into
2) be sure   肯定 确信  例如:
I am sure he is in the classroom.
I am sure the man in the red shirt is our math teacher.
I am sure it will be rainy tomorrow.
I am not sure  我不敢保证,我不敢确定   例如:
I am not sure I can help you with the math problem.
I am not sure that book is Fangfang’s.
I __________ I can _____________________ the baby.
I _____________ you must pass the English exam.
I ____________ Mr. Wang must be in the classroom.
3) be surprised to do sth.  做某事很吃惊   例如:
The teacher is surprised to hear the news.
Don’t be surprised to see so many interesting things.
4) if + 句子(一般现在时), 主句(一般将来时)例如:
If it is fine tomorrow, we will go to the Great Wall.
If I am free next week, I will hold an English party.
If it _______________ tomorrow, we __________________ a picnic.
如果今天晚上你不能来, 就给我打个电话。
If you ___________________ this evening, please _________________.
If it _____________ tomorrow, you ______________________ your coat.
2. under my bed, on my bookshelf, behind the door, and on the floor.
3. Some are big, others are small. Some are sleeping, some are playing. They are made of different materials: Some are plastic, some are metal, some are made of wood, and others are made of wool and cotton.
1) Some… (some…) others….   一些……另外一些……   例如:
Mr. Wang has got many books on his shelf. Some are about science, some are about geography, others are about English.
There are too many people in the park. Some are playing games, some are running, some are dancing, others are jogging. They are having a good time.
2) be made of    由……制成的  例如:
The table is made of wood. That one is made of glass.
4. The biggest one is 60 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide.
60 centimeters long     六十厘米长
40 centimeters wide    四十厘米宽
数字+ 单位+ 形容词    例如:
二十米高     20 meters tall/ high
30公里远     30 kilometers away
三千公里长    3000 kilometers long
The book is __________________, _______________________, ____________________.
The road is ___________________________.
5. They are my pets. They are so small and cute- just the same size as my hands.
the same … as   和……有相同的……
the same tall as…
the same big as…
the same long as…
Our classroom is the same big as theirs.
My book is the same long as my ruler.
6. On the right of my computer is a table lamp in the shape of a rabbit. Next to the lamp is my rabbit-shaped savings box. On the small table beside my bed is a rabbit-shaped alarm clock.
a table lamp in the shape of a rabbit    一个兔子形状的台灯
a rabbit-shaped savings box         一个兔子形状的储蓄罐
a rabbit-shaped alarm clock         一个兔子形状的闹钟
7. I use a toy rabbit as my pillow.
use…as   把……用来做……
My grandfather likes using a stick as a pen.
The workers often use their coats as quilts.
8. I fall asleep with the biggest toy rabbit in my arms.
fall asleep    入睡,睡熟
fall ill   生病
fall nervous  紧张起来
Don’t make a noise, the baby is falling asleep.
My brother has got very nice sleep. Every day he falls asleep as soon as he goes to bed.
9. I was born in the year of rabbit.
be born   出生于
I was born in 1993.
I was born in July 6, 1998.
I was born on August 8, 2001.
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Unit 9 My fancy room一、教学内容:Unit 9 ..Unit 9 My fancy room一、教学内容:Unit 9 My fancy room 二、教学目标① 知识目标熟练掌握本单元的单词、短语、句型和语法② 能力目标能够熟练运用本单元的知识进行设计描述自己的房间。 三、教学重难点重点:物品位置的描述[来源:xyzkw.Com]难点:some…, some…, others 四、本单元重点知识...

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