英语:鲁教版八年级下Unit4《Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes》(同步测试题4)

Unit 4 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes
 1. Here are some things they have learned from ______(scientist ) studies.
 2. Sunglasses are used for _____ (keep) out the sun.
 3. The students are ______ (confuse) about the ______ (confuse) problem.
 4. I’m considering _____ (study) in Beijing or Shanghai.
 5. I felt _______(embarrass) when everyone looked at me.
二、根据首字母提示,补写下列单词, 使句意完整。
1. We should protect e_______ animals.
 2. I want to eat something because I am k_______ of hungry.
 3. How do you feel a________ pollution?
4. The cake t_________ delicious. Would you pass me one more?
5. Many advertisements are aimed specifically a________ teenagers, so you have to be careful.
6. I need a pair of warm trousers to keep o________ cold.
7. Money is a_______ in some situations.
8. You can send flowers a_______ of time for Mother’s birthday.
9. It’s very important to choose a p_______ time to visit friends.
10. The map m_______ me, so I went the wrong way.
三. 选择正确答案。
1. Loud music may make people ____ fast.
  A. to eat   B. eat   C. eated  D. eats
2. I want ____ whether he’s all right.
  A. to know  B.  know   C. Knows
3.Her teacher was annoyed ____ Tom because he made a lot of mistakes in the English Test Paper.
  A. at    B. with    C. in     D. for
4.Don’t forget  _____ the tap when you don’t use it.
 A. turn off    B. turn on    C. to turn on    D. to turn off
5. The children were made ____ homework first.
 A. do    B. to do    C. did    D. doing
6. Don’t worry about her,Madam. Your daughter is ____ danger now.
  A. in    B. out   C. out of    D. at
7. It’s ____ to play on the road. You’d better play in a ____ place.
  A. safe, dangerous   B. safety, danger   C. safe, danger   D. dangerous, safe
8.I ____ an expensive gift for my birthday, but I could not ____ it.
  A. accepted, received   B. received, accept   C. accepted, receive    D. accepted, received
9.Loud music makes me ____. So I feel very happy.
  A. energetic   B. stressed out   C. energy    D.stress out
10. I can’t wait ____ the present box.
 A. open   B. to open   C. opening   D.opened
四. 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子。(横线处不限词数)
  He is very clever and he knows _______________.
2.我不喜欢阴雨天, 因为它常常使我伤感。
  I don’t like ________, because it often ____________.
  Students should learn __________, or you will __________.
4.同潘长江相比,  赵本山很高。
  __________________, Zhao Benshan is very tall.
 I ____________  home.
 That day I got up early __________________________.
 It’s better to ____ than _____________.
  He ____________ and went on listening to music.
 Can I _____________________________________?
Li Ming, ______________________________________.
Letter A
Dear Rose,
I like your programmes very much. I’m now writing to ask you something about American social customs (社交习惯). My American friends want me to join them in their dinner party. I am very happy and have decided to go, but I’m a little worried about it, too. The social customs in my country are very different from here, so I’m afraid of making mistakes.
Should I bring a present, such as sweets or flowers? Should I arrive on time or a little late? At the dinner table, how can I know which fork (叉子) or knife to use? How can I let the family know that I’m thankful for their kindness?
                        Wang Lin
Letter B
Dear Wang Lin,
It’s a good idea to bring a small present when you go to a dinner party. Flowers are always nice, or you may bring a bottle of wine (葡萄酒) if you know that your friends drink it.
You should arrive on time or five to ten minutes late. Don’t get there early. If you’re going to be more than fifteen minutes late, you should call and tell them.
Try to be free at the dinner table. If you don’t know about choosing the right fork or knife, just watch the other people, and follow them. If you still have no idea of what to do, ask the person next to you.
If you like the food, say so. Of course, you’ll thank them for the meal and for their kindness. It’s also a good idea to send a thank-you card the day after.
1. Wang Lin wants to _______.
A. make friends with Rose       B. know some social customs for a dinner party
C. make her friends happy       D. give her friends a surprise
. Rose is possibly ________.
A. a good housewife          B. a TV hostess (主持人)
C. a member of the dinner party     D. a friend of Wang Lin’s
. If you’re asked to a dinner party but not sure about what to bring as a present, it’s good to bring _______.
  A. some fruits             B. a bottle of wine
  C. some flowers            D. a knife and fork
. Which of the following is NOT proper (适当的) for joining in a dinner party?
  A. Get there 15 minutes earlier.      B. Make yourself at home.
  C. Follow others to use forks and knives.  D. Thank your friends for the meal.
. From the letters we’ve learned that it’s very _____ to know something about American social customs.
  A. difficult   B. friendly    C. enjoyable    D. helpful 
六、下笔如有神  书面表达
词数为80词左右。 提示词:cheat 上当,受骗
一、1.scientific 2.keeping 3.confused confusing 4. studying 5. embarrassed
二、1.endangered 2. kind 3. about 4. tastes 5.at  6. out 7.acceptable 8.ahead 9. proper 10. misled
三、1-5 BABDB  6-10 CDBAB
四、1.how to make more money 2. rainy days makes me sad  3.how to study  feel stressed out
  4.Compared with/to Pan Changjiang 5.left my key 6.so that I could catch the first train 7.give  to receive
  8.pretended not to hear me  9. invite you to dinner/to have dinner  10. you are wanted on the phone
五  答  案: . B  B   C   A  5 D
六、One possible version:
In the modern world, advertising is everywhere! Some people like ads and others hate ads. I think it offers some advantages and disadvantages.
Some ads are very useful. They can tell people how to compare two different products so that people can buy the better one. They can also help you save money.
However there are also some disadvantages. Some ads can be confusing or misleading. Sometimes the words sound good but don’t tell you anything real. So you have to be careful not to be cheated. We shouldn’t believe everything.
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Unit 4 Teenagers should be allowed to ..Unit 4 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes一、请你用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。 1. Here are some things they have learned from ______(scientist ) studies. 2. Sunglasses are used for _____ (ke...

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