卷  I 一、听力(本题有15小题,第一节每小题1分,第二、三节每小题2分;共计25分)
1. What kind of TV shows does the girl like best?
	A.	B.	C.
2. What will Claire have to do tomorrow?

 	A.	  					B. 	         			C. 
3. Which girl is Tina?
A.	 					B.                   	C.
4. Where is the woman going for the coming vacation? 
 	A. 	B. 	C.
5. How’s the weather?
	A. 	B. 	C. 
6. Wh?
  	A. Do exercise.         	B. Take a shower.        	C. Do homework.
7. How long does it take to get to school by bike?
  	A. Fifty minutes. 	B. Ten minutes.		C. Fifteen minutes.	
8. When is Thanksgiving Day?
   	A. In October.	B. In November.	C. In December.
9. What do people do on that day?
  	A. Share a big meal.	B. Eat chicken. 		C. Sing and dance.
10. What’s special for dinner?
  	A. Turkey and tomatoes.	B. Turkey and potatoes.	C. Apples and pumpkins.
I  11   p.m. every day.		Price	  12   for each person.		For Students	Remember to bring your   13   with you.		On Wednesday	Open only for   14  .		Telephone Number	0574-   15  .		
11. A. 7:00					B. 7:30					C. 6:30
12. A. ten dollars 			    B. ten pounds		        C. ten yuan
13. A. ID card 			    B. student ID card		    C. VIP card
14. A. mothers and babies 		B. mothers and fathers	    C. parents and kids	
15. A. 88637952			    B. 88367958 			    C. 88367952
ASoon they began to   16   about the stress in work and life.
The old teacher went to the kitchen and returned   17   a pot of coffee and different kinds of cups: glass, plastic; nice-looking ones, ugly ones; some   18  , some cheap. He told them to help   19   to the coffee.
When all the students were holding a cup of coffee, the teacher said: “I’ve found that all the nice-looking expensive cups were   20   and you’ve left behind the ugly and cheap   21  . While it is   22   for you to take only the best for yourselves, your problems and stress come along.
You know that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee, what you   23   wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you   24   went for the best cups.
Now think   25   this: life is the coffee. The jobs and money are the cups. They are just outlooks of our life, and the type of cup does not   26   the quality of life. Sometimes, we care   27   about the cup, and we fail   28   the coffee that life offers us. Life hands us the coffee, not the cups. Please enjoy your coffee!”
The happiest people don’t have the   29   of everything. They just make the best of everything.
So please speak kindly, live   30  , and love deeply.
16. A. think				B. complain			C. worry 		D. say
17. A. by 				B. at 				C. with			D. for
18. A. expensive			B. good 			    C. beautiful		D. strange
19. A. yourself				B. yourselves			C. them  		D. themselves
20. A. taken				B. changed			C. broken			D. lost
21. A. one				B. cup 			    C. ones			D. coffee
22. A. necessary			B. usual			    C. normal 		D. often
23. A. first				B. true               C. really 		D. just
24. A. still 				B. only 			    C. unless 		D. though
25. A. for 				B. of				C. to 			D. about
26. A. make				B. improve			C. change			D. have
27. A. much too			B. a little				C. too little		D. too much
28. A. enjoy				B. enjoying			C. enjoyed		D. to enjoy
29. A. worst				B. better				C. best 			D. worse
30. A. shortly				B. quickly			C. simply		    D. clearly
YThat way, you’ll want to spend more time using the language. One way to do this is to watch amusing TV shows in English.
Chuck is an action comedy TV series about a character named Chuck. One day Chuck receives a classified (机密) e-mail from an old friend who is working at the CIA. The e-mail contains an entire database filled with classified U.S. government information. Chuck is the kind of person who naturally commits large amounts of information to memory, and all of the spy secrets are accidentally embedded in his mind. So Chuck becomes the most important person to the government. As a result, Chuck hides his identity (身份) and works as a computer expert at a store called Buy More. There are two secret agents who protect Chuck from danger. To ensure his safety, they also take undercover jobs as his girlfriend and a store employee. 
Without a doubt, watching Chuck is going to provide you with hours of rib-tickling laughter while you learn English.
31. Watching amusing TV shows is a _______ way to study English.  
A. useful 			B. hard   		 	C. fun  	        	D. quick
32. Two secret agents protect Chuck from danger because ________________. 
A. Chuck works at the CIA   		    	B. Chuck is a computer expert
C. Chuck is their friend  			        D. Chuck knows all of the spy secrets
33. This passage is probably taken from __________ in a newspaper called 21st Century.
A. Storyland			B. Learning Desk		C. Magic World		D. School Time
It was once thought that only time could mend a broken heart, but now scientists think taking a couple of aspirin might be the best way to get over a break-up. 
Previous studies have shown that people experience feelings of romantic rejection (失恋) in the same way that they experience physical pain. And Psychology Professor Water Michel, of Columbia University, also believes that the psychological pain of ending a relationship is similar to physical pain, and should be treated like any other injury. “When we speak about rejection experiences in terms of physical pain, it is not just a metaphor – the broken heart and emotional pain really do hurt in a physical way," he said. “When you look at a picture of the one who broke your heart, you experience a pain in a similar area of the brain which is activated when you burn your arm. ”
Research shows that people who are given a simple painkiller, like aspirin, are able to handle feelings of rejection better than those given a placebo (安慰剂) .
‘Take two aspirins and call me next morning’ would be a cold-hearted response to a friend’s late-night report of fresh heartbreak, but it has a solid basis in the research.
34. The aspirin is a kind of _________.
   	A. wine  			B. fruit			C. dessert         	D. medicine
35. According to the passage, maybe taking aspirins can ______.
A. mend a broken heart 		        		B. burn your arm
   	C. make people feel pain 					D. help people get over a break-up. 
36. The underlined word “those” in Paragraph 3 means ______.
   	A. pains  		B. hearts			 C. people        	D. areas
37. The best summary for the passage would be “Broken-hearted? _______________ !”.
   	A. Just take an aspirin or two					B. Just call me at any time
   	C. Just wait for a long time					D. Just eat as much as you can
Imagine a world where air pollution is no longer a problem. Clean air is all around us. People don’t have to worry about polluting the air every time they take the bus.
A city in California has got some new buses. They cost $490,000 each. The new buses are different from the old ones. These new buses are better for the environment. They are called hybrid buses. They run on diesel (柴油的) and electric power. This will help keep the air cleaner.
The man drove the new bus on Wednesday and noticed a difference right away. “I get to have clean air for a change”, said driver Melvin Day. “I’m smelling diesel all day long when I drive the old ones.”
The company that builds the buses had many good things to say about them. For example, they said they use a lot less fuel (燃料). They also said that they are 90% cleaner for the environment. The buses are very quiet, too.The buses have a diesel engine in the back and batteries (电池) on top. When the engine starts up, it is powered by electricity. Then the diesel power takes over.Over time the city would like to use the new hybrid buses instead of all 50 of their buses. They hope to do this over the next three years. The city will give money to help buy the new kind of buses.
One other bit of good news: the price of the bus ticket will not rise because of the new buses. 
38. Why are the new buses better for the environment?
A. Because they’re cheaper than the old ones. 	B. Because they’re very quiet.
C. Because they run on diesel and electric power.	D. Because they are new.
39. The underlined word “hybrid” in Paragraph 2 means ______ in Chinese.
A. 混合动力的   		B. 前卫的      	C. 新颖的   		D. 节约的
40. Which one is NOT true about the new buses?
A. The buses are very quiet.           B. They use a lot less fuel.
C. They will keep the air cleaner.	     D. They can drive faster than the old ones.
41. How many buses does the city have now?
A. 50    			B. 90    			C. 45    			D. 490
No matter where the dads and their children go, that location immediately becomes a tourist destination. This has become a pattern for Hunan TV’s reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? And last week the show was heading overseas for a special international episode. The entry has taken place in New Zealand, which was expected to become a popular travel destination for Chinese fans of the show. If you don’t know much about New Zealand but would like to explore it, check out our travel guide to see what kinds of activities might interest you.
Nature and wildlife encounter
New Zealand was the last country on Earth to be settled by humans. As such, it’s a paradise for exotic birds. You’re also able to watch dolphins and whales on boat tours.
Possible itinerary (旅行指南)
1.Auckland: fly in and visit Tiritiri Matangi conservation project (bellbirds spotting); 2.Waipoua Forest: huge kauri trees; 3.Kaikoura: whale watching by boat or air seal watching, hike the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, join a dolphin encounter tour; 4.Wellington (Matiu/Somes Island): red-crowned parakeet, blue penguins, weta, skinks and tuatara; 5.Stewart Island: kiwi bird spotting; 6.Te Anau: takahe and kea; 7. Queenstown: fly to Auckland and finally ___43___.
Landscape lover
Landscape lovers may have heard that New Zealand is brimming with natural wonders like active volcanoes (火山), snowy mountaintops, glaciers perched near beaches and caves infested with glowworms. Indeed, you can’t see many of these wonders anywhere else in the world.
Possible itinerary
1.Auckland: fly in; 2.Whangamata: beach resorts and The Coromandel Forest Park (short walks, mountain bike trails); 3.Waitomo: underground caves and glowworm caverns; 4.Rotorua: geothermal areas; 5.Abel Tasman: golden sand beaches (taking water taxi, sea kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling); 6.Fox Glacier and Franz Josef: biggest glaciers in the country (hiking and guided glacier walks); 7.Queenstown: crystal clear Lake Wakatipu (bungee jumping, sky diving, horse trekking and cycling); 8. Milford Sound: fjord (boat cruises, sea kayaking, diving and flightseeing); 9.Christchurch: fly back.
42. New Zealand is ____ for Chinese fans after the show Where Are We Going, Dad?
A. more beautiful   	B. more famous		C.  more popular		D. cleaner
43. Which is the best expression to fill in the blank (空白处) in the passage?
A. have dinner 		B. fly back			C. go sightseeing		D. ride horses
44. How is the passage organised? (Par = Paragraph)
A. Par 1→Pars 2~4→Par 5 ~9				B. Pars 1~3→Par 4 ~7 →Pars 8~9
C. Par 1→Pars 2~5→Pars 6~9 				D. Pars 1~3→Pars 3~4→Par 5 ~ 9
45. From the passage, we know that New Zealand is a travel destination for ______.
A. landscape lovers     					B. nature lovers 
C. wildlife lovers       					D. different kinds of travel lover
卷  II 、词汇运用(本题有15小题,每小题1分;共计15分)
A. 根据内容和所给汉语,写出空白处各单词的正确形式每空一词。
B. 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使对话通顺、正确。每词用一次每空一词。
I can’t. I have __56__ to go to the cinema that afternoon.   
S3: I’m afraid not. I have a __57__. I have to see a dentist.
S4: Sorry, I’m not __58__ until Saturday evening. I am going to hang out with my cousin.
S5: I’m sorry, I’m tired. I just __59__ home this morning after a long journey. I want to rest. 
S1: OK. Maybe another time. What about you?
S6: Sure, I’d love to.
S1: __60__! Catch you on Saturday afternoon!
五、(本题有1小题,每小题1分;共计1分)It was filled with bored, tired passengers.
Suddenly a little boy stood up and walked in between grown-ups’ legs. While his father stayed by the door, the boy sat next to the window with a group of unfriendly people.
As the train went on moving, something unexpected happened. The little boy got up from his _ 62_ _ and put his hand on my leg. For a moment, I _ 63_ _ (think) that he wanted to go past me and return to his father, so I moved my leg. But _ 64_ _ of moving on, the boy came near me and kissed me softly on the cheek.
  I was _ 65_ _. What happened? A kid kissing an unknown grown-up on the train, is that right? To my _ 66_ _, the kid went on kissing all my neighbors.
  Nervous and confused, I looked questioningly at his father.
  “He’s so happy to be alive,” the father said. “He’s been very sick.”
  The train _ 67_ _ (stop). Father and son got off and disappeared into the crowd. On my cheek I could still _ 68_ _ the child’s kiss- a kiss that set me to think.
    How many grown-ups go around kissing each other from the joy of being _ 69_ _ (live)? How many even give much thought to the privilege(特权)of living? How many of us will start being _ 70_ _ (we)?                          
. ______ →72. ______ → 73. ______ → 74. ______ → 75. ______
七、书面表达(本题有小题共计2分)76. 许多人喜欢在除夕夜观看春节联欢晚会(Spring Festival Gala),但有些人提出要取消春晚。请根据提示,用英语写一篇短文,向央视投稿,告诉他们你希望今年的春晚继续还是取消,并阐述理由。
IAs for the Spring Festival Gala, there has been a heated discussion among the public.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
参考答案和评分Ⅰ. 参考答案
. winter		47. During   		48. beautiful  	49.together   	50. food
51. relatives  		52. happily  		53. lucky  		54. spending 		55. makes
56. planned		57. toothache		58. free  		59. arrived    	60. Great
61. slowly       62. seat         63. thought       64. instead        65. shocked
66. surprise     67. stopped      68. feel          69. alive          70. ourselves
	71. B	        72. C	        73. E	        74. D	        75. A
76. Possible versions:
I like the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV 
As for the Spring Festival Gala, there has been a heated discussion among the public. People who like it say it is the most popular TV program in China and is considered as an necessary custom. It also provides a good chance for families to get together.
However, others dislike the Spring Festival Gala. They think it costs too much money. And there’s nothing novel in the gala. What’s more, there are many other fun programs available for people to choose.
I like the Spring Festival Gala and I prefer the gala to stay. Because it plays an important role in the celebration of the New Year and it is a national treasure of China.
(100 words)
Ⅱ. 书面表达评分标准:
   1. 本题总分20分,按5个档次给分。
   2. 根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量、确定或调整。  3. 词数少于60或多于120的,从总分中减去2分。  
4. 应注意的主要内容:内容要点、应用词汇、语法结构及上下文的连贯性。 
5. 如书写较差以至影响交际,将分数降低一个档次。
第五档:(1 ~ 20分)	行文连贯,表达清楚
第四档:(1 ~ 17分)
第三档:( ~ 13分)
第二档:(  ~ 9 分)
第一档:(  ~ 5 分)
1. M: ?
  W: Game shows? I can’t stand them. Sports are my favorite. 
2. M:?
  W: Sorry, I’m afraid not. I have to help my mother with housework.
3. M: Which one is Tina?  W: The one with short hair over there.
4. M: ?
  W: Neither. I’m going to America.
5. M: It’s raining heavily outside.
  W: Well, let’s stay at home and watch TV then..
M: W: Yes, you see I have to do many things. I just practiced the guitar and did all my homework. 
M: Oh, how hard-working you are! When do you get up every morning?
W: At six thirty, and then I take a shower before breakfast.
M: How do you get to school?
W: I ride my bike if it doesn’t rain. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get there.
M: what do you know about Thanksgiving?
W: Oh, it’s one of the most popular festivals in North America.
M: We don’t really celebrate it in China. I know that it’s in November, though.
W: Yup, the fourth Thursday of November. 
M: What do people do on that day?
W: Families and friends get together and share a big meal.
M: What’s special for dinner?
W: At a Thanksgiving Day dinner, Canadians and Americans will eat turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pies. I always enjoy the food!
M: It sounds like a really fun festival! I wonder if it’ll ever become popular here in China.
W: I hope so.
听下面一从所给的A、B、C三个选项中选选项。听前,你将有2秒钟的时间阅读;听完后,。对话读两遍。(停顿00'02'')(停顿00''')Do you worry about your weight? Are you tired of boring exercise? Come here! Our swimming pool will be open every day from eight o’clock in the morning till seven thirty in the evening. It costs ten yuan for each person. There is a special cheap price for students. The student price is only five yuan. But don’t forget to bring your student ID card with you. On Wednesday the pool is open only to mothers and babies. It’s cool for mothers to enjoy a quiet time with their babies in the water. Please call us at 0574-88367952 for more information.
Dear Ada,
My favorite Chinese festival is the Spring Festival. It is celebrated in   46   (冬天), usually in January or February.  47   (在…期间) this festival, we do lots of things.
Before the festival, we usually clean our house and make it more   48   (漂亮的) with chunlian. On New Year’s Eve, families get   49   (一起) and enjoy a big meal. The traditional   50   (食物) in the north is jiaozi and niangao in the south. On the first day of the New Year, we wear new clothes and visit our   51     (亲戚) and friends. We say “Happy New Year” to each other   52   (愉快地). Children can receive “  53   (幸运的) money” from the elders. That’s one of my favorite parts of this festival.
It’s my favorite festival because I enjoy   54   (度过) time with my families. It   55   (使) me feel very happy. 
Yours truly,
toothache   plan   great   arrive   free
the most popular TV program;
families get together to watch it;
necessary custom;
Spring Festival Gala on CCTV
the gala costs too much money;
there’s nothing novel in the gala; 
more other programs are available;

2014学年(下)九年级教学质量检测英语试卷卷 I 一、听力(.. 2014学年(下)九年级教学质量检测英语试卷卷 I 一、听力(本题有15小题,第一节每小题1分,第二、三节每小题2分;共计25分)1. What kind of TV shows does the girl like best?A.B.C.2. What will Claire have to do tomorrow?[来源:学优高考网gkstk] A.

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