Unit2《Is this your pencil_ Section A》教案2(人教新目标七年级上)

Is this your pencil?
I Teaching contents:
Unit 2 SectionA 1a 1b1c
II Ability Objects:
1.To train Ss' speaking skills
2.To train Ss' reading ability.
III key points:
1 New words
2 How to use "----Is this /that----?"
" ----Yes, it is./ No,it isn't"
3 To enable Ss to understand identify ownership.
4 How to use "his / her"
IV Difficult points:
Is this /that her/his-----?
Yes,it is.
No,it isn't.It's----.
V Moral aim:
Let Ss love their study.
VI Teaching procedures.
Step1 Revision and Leading-in
①Show a photo of mine to revise.
What's your name?
My name's John.
②Revise the following sentences.
What's his name?
His name's Tony.
What's her name?
Her name's Gina.
③Show several something, like pen, pencil, backpack---
Step2 Presentation (1a)
①Present new words by asking .start by locoting actual items in the classroom. Hold up each
one and say its name. Ask to repeat.
②Relp Ss find it in their books , After they say each word.
③Ask Ss to match the words and objects in the picture by writing the letter of the object on the
blank line after the word.
④Check the answers.
Step3 Introduce the target language(1b)
Is this your________?
Yes, it is./No,it isn't.
It's my_______. It's her_______. It's his _______.
①Focus attention on each of the three conversations. Ask Ss to identify the objct the person in
each conversation is holding or pointing to:
A boy is holding a pencil
A girl is holding a ruler
The teacher is pointing to a backpack.
②Play the recording. the first time.
Point out the boxes where Ss will write a number for each conversation.
③Play the recording again, Ss listen and write a number in the box next to each conversation.
Step4 Practice using the target language(1c)
①Say the sample conversations. Have Ss repeat.
Point to the book in the main illustration and substitute book into one of the conversations.
②Ask Ss to practice the conversation in pairs. Re mind them to use various objects from the
main illustration.
③As Ss practice, move around the classroom to check progress and pronunciation.
Step5 classwork
Divide the Ss in half ask and answer.
Girl: Is this your-------? Boy: Yes, it is ./No,it isn't. It's-----.
Step6 Groupwork
Ss ask and answer in threes.
SA:Is that your ------?
SB: Yes, it is .
SC:No,it isn't . It's her/his------.
Step7 Homework
①Read aloud each word on page 7
②Use" Is this/that-- Yes/No. It,s-----" make two vacations.
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学优中考网 www.xyzkw.com

Is this your pencil?I Teaching c..Is this your pencil?I Teaching contents: Unit 2 SectionA 1a 1b1c II Ability Objects: 1.To train Ss speaking skills 2.To train Ss reading ability.III key points:

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