英语:鲁教版八年级下Unit5《I like music that I can dance to 》(同步测试题2)

Unit 5 I like music that I can dance to
1. My father likes French food, while my mother prefers ______ food. (Italy)
2. Kevin is ______ in stamp collection. (interest)
3. Look at these ______! I took them in Paris. (photo)
4. Are there many ______ students in your university? (India)
5. We will consider your ______ later. (suggest)
6. As is ______ to all, the earth is round. (know)
7. There will be a Chinese painting ______ in the national museum next week. (exhibit)
8. We had a great time with the ______in this village. (fisherman)
9. In your spare time, what do you like for ______ besides watching TV? (entertain)
10. Gu Changwei is one of the top ______ in China. (photograph)
1. I prefer watching TV to ______ music every day.
A. listen to     B. listen    C. listening to     D. listening
2. Look at that girl ______ name is Lucy.
A. who       B. whose    C. which        D. whom
3. My money is not the only thing ______ is missing.
A. which      B. that      C. who         D. whose
4. I hate people ______ talk much but do little.
A. who       B. that      C. which        D. whose
5. Do you know what ______?
A. his favourite song is       B. is his favourite song 
C. his favourite song         D. his most favourite song is
6. I like the music that I can sing ______.
A. along and      B. along with     C. with     D. along
7. I like this kind of music that I can dance ______.
A. to            B. in            C. with      D. along
8. The story reminded me ______ an experience I once had.
A. of            B. to            C. at        D. on
9. No matter what you do, you can’t change the situation.
A. whoever       B. wherever      C. whatever  D. what ever
10. Beijing is one of the ______ in the world today.
A. busiest city      B. busiest cities    C. busy city  D. busy cities
11. I mean ______ class meeting on Monday afternoon.
A. have      B. to have     C. having      D. to having
12. Mary sings English songs well and ______.
A. Jane does too    B. either does Joes   C. so Janes does   D. so does Jane
13. I didn’t know ______.
where does he live                B. where do he lives 
C. where he lives                     D. where he lived
14. What the boy said sounds ______.
A. reason       B. reasonable        C. reasonably       D. reasoning
15. I feel my heart ______ fast now.
A. beated           B. beating          C. beat             D. to beat
at the moment, for a moment, in time, on time, hurry up, hurry over, make mistakes, make problems, hear from, hear of		1. One of my classmates was very glad to ______ Bill Clinton.
2. The policeman arrived just ______ to save the boy.
3. This book is very popular with the students ______.
4. When the doctors learned about the accident, they ______ to the spot.
5. People who are watching football games sometimes ______. They might fight with each other.
Man: What do you think of the speeches?
Woman: I learned a lot about international business.
Man: Is this your first meeting?
Woman: Yes, it is. 1______ I’m Marie Pirelli. Please call me Marie.
Man: Okay…Marie. My name is Mayumi Yamada.
Woman: 2______ I didn’t catch your first name.
Man: It’s Mayumi. 3______
Woman: I’ m with Coca-Cola. 4______
Man: I work for the Sony Corporation.
1. A. Where are you from? B. What’s your name? C. It’s very nice to meet you. D. it’s a nice day.
2. A. Nice to see you again. B. I’m sorry. C. What a strange name! D. I’m happy.
3. A. Who do you talk with? B. What company do you work for? C. Where is your company? D. When did you start to work there?
4. A. How are you? B. How much is it? C. How do you do? D. How about you?
1. Albert found the key. I lost the key yesterday.(合成一句)
2. She is the tallest girl in her class. She can play the violin.(
3. Where is the beautiful picture? You bought it last week.(合成一句)
4. We are looking for the nurse. She looked after my little sister.(合成一句)
5. She was ill, but she still went on working.(改为同义句)
______ she was ill, she still went on working.
6. The mother told her son, “Don’t read in the bed.”(改为简单句)
The mother ______ her son ______ ______ read in the bed.
7. They prefer this kind of fruit to that kind.
They ______ this kind of fruit ______ ______ that kind.
8. They have just had some sandwiches.
9. How about the book?(改为同义句)
What do you ______ ______ the book?
10. I didn’t know how I could repair the bike.(改为简单句)
I didn’t know ______ ______ repair the bike.
1. Tom的确在这场篮球赛中表现出色。
Tom __________________ in this basketball match.
2. 她喜欢能够一起舞起来的快歌。
She likes music __________________.
3. 我有一个月没收到我澳大利亚亚笔友的来信了。
4. 王叔叔教我们如何修自行车。
Uncle Wang teaches us __________________.
5. 妈妈脸上露出了满意的笑容。
Mother __________________ on her face.
6. 这幢建筑使我想起了我的母校。
This building __________________.
7. 你对这部新影片有什么看法?
What do you __________________ of the new film?
This hat __________________, madam!
9. 导演正在为他们的新影片寻找一位女演员。
The director __________________ for his new film.
10. 快,电影已经开演约十分钟了。
Hurry up! The film __________________ for about ten minutes.
Concorde’s Birthday
CONCORDE, the world’s fastest passenger plane, will soon be over 33 years old. It first 1______ on 2 March 1969 in France. Concorde was developed by both France and Britain. From 1956 these two countries had a 2______ of a supersonic passenger plane. In 1962 they started to 3______ together on the project. The plane 4______ over 1.5 billion pounds to develop. It is the most tested plane in the history. It was given over 5000 hours of testing. Concorde flies at twice the speed of 5______. This means that it 6______ only 3 hours 25 minutes to fly between London and New York, compare with 7—8 hours in other passenger jets. Because of the five-hour time difference between the USA and Britain, it is 7______ to travel west on Concorde and arrive in New York before you leave London! You can catch the 10:30a.m. 8______ from London, Heathrow and start work in New York an hour 9______! Concorde is much used by business people and film stars. Each Concorde is built at a cost of 55 million pounds. Twenty have been built so far. Air France and British Airway 10______ the most. They each have seven planes.
1. A. invented    B. produced    C. flew      D. took off
2. A. talk        B. dream      C. meeting   D. fight 
3. A. work       B. do         C. carry      D. finish
4. A. paid        B. wanted     C. needed     D. cost
5. A. voice       B. sound      C. noise      D. shout
6. A. spends      B. takes       C. covers     D. travels
7. A. possible     B. impossible   C. real       D. unreal
8. A. plane       B. passenger    C. flight      D. airline
9. A. later        B. late         C. earlier      D. early
10. A. build       B. make      C. sell        D. own
The idea of what shaking the head means is not always the same in different countries. Maybe some visitors would be surprised when they first came to India. When talked to an Indian, he would often shake his head. The visitors might think that the Indian did not like what they said. But, in fact, they would be completely wrong.
Indians always shake their heads when they talk to each other. It does not have the same meaning as our “No”. If someone wants to visit India, he should know this, or it will give him some trouble.
One day, a foreign officer went to India on business. He hired a car and an Indian to drive it. When he told his driver to send him to his office, the Indian shook his head at once. The office said again, and the driver shook his head again. At last, the office, of course, got angry.
“How dare you refuse my order?” he shouted. “Drive me to my office at once!”
The driver answered in quite loud voice, too. “Yes, sir!” But to the officer’s surprise, the driver shook his head at the same time.
The car started, and the foreign officer was now too surprised to say a word. He thought about it for a while, and then he nodded with a smile, “No mean Yes here!”
An Indian would shake his head when ______.
 A. he didn’t want to do anything B. he agreed with others C. he talked to others D. other people were wrong
The foreign officer was surprised that ______.
A. the driver could not understand him                B. the driver refused his order
C. the driver drove him to another place               D. the driver shook his head as he said, “Yes”
The sentence “No mean Yes here!” means ______. 
A. in India the words Yes and No have the same meaning
B. Indians don’t say No when they don’t agree with each other
C. there is no difference between Yes and No 
D. We shake our heads to say No, not Yes as Indians do
India is ______. 
A. a developed country B. in America C. next to Australia D. to the southwest of China
Which of the following sentences isn’t true?
 A. Shaking the head doesn’t always have the same meaning in different countries.
 B. When an India shakes his head, he really means Yes.
 C. In India shaking the head means No.
 D. In China shaking the head means No.
九、请你以“The more money one owns , the more friends he will have ?”为话题,写一篇80-100词左右的短文。__________________________________________
一、1. Italian 2. interested 3. photos 4. Indian 5. suggestion 6. known 7. exhibition 8. fishermen 9. entertainment 10. photographers
二、1—5 CBBAA  6—10  BAACB  11—15 BDDBB
三、1. hear from 2. in time 3. at the moment 4. hurried over 5. make problems
四、1—4 CBBD
五、1. Albert found the key which/that I lost yesterday. 
2. She, who can play the violin, is the tallest girl in her class. 
3. Where is the beautiful picture which/that you bought last week?
4. We are looking for the nurse who looked after my little sister.
5. Though/Although 
6. told; not; to 
7. like; better; than
8. What have they just had?
9. think; of
10. how; to
六、1. does have done a good job 2. that she can dance to 3. I haven’t heard from my Australian pen pal for a month. 4. how to repair bikes 5. had a satisfied smile 6. reminds me of my mother school 7. think of 8. suits you very much 9. is looking for an actress 10. has been on
七、1—5 CBADB 6—10 BACCD
八、1—5 BDDDC
九、Yesterday we had a discussion about whether we should keep animals in zoos.
Twenty students thought that it was good to keep animals in zoos because people could see many different kinds of animals there and animals were taken good care of in the zoos. Thirty students thought it not good for animals. Since the animals were kept in cages, they were not able to travel(walk, run)freely. Animals liked to live in nature.
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学优中考网                                                                  www.xyzkw.com

Unit 5 I like music that I can dance t..Unit 5 I like music that I can dance to一、用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。1. My father likes French food, while my mother prefers ______ food. (Italy)2. Kevin is ______ in stamp collection. (interest)3. Loo

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