2018秋九年级人教版下册英语练习:Unit13 We’re trying to save the earth! 测试题

Unit 13 测试题    2018.4
一、 单项选择 (15分)
(   )1. — This is really      ugly bird.
      — But it is      useful bird. It can help fishermen catch fish.
	A. an; a			B. an; an	
C. a; a 			D. a; an
(   )2. — When you keep goldfish, it is a good idea to put some stones at the      of the tank (鱼缸).
      — So the fish can hide behind them?
      	A. middle  	B. top
		C. front   		D. bottom
(   )3. — Why haven’t you bought a car, Mr Lin? You can      one.
      — Well, I have money for it, but I want to go green.
     	A. offer    	B. afford	
C. avoid 			D. allow
(   )4. — Now people have to pay some money for      bags in supermarkets.
      — Yes. Because they are bad for the environment.
      	A. bin     	B. paper  
  	C. cloth   		D. plastic
(   )5. — What does this sign mean, Andy? 
— It tells us to     .      
   	A. receive 		B. review   		
		C. recycle		D. repeat 
(   )6. — Everyone should use both sides of paper.
      — Yes. If we all use both sides of paper, many trees      be saved.
    	A. need	B. have to    
		C. can   		D. must
(   )7. — Do you often use paper napkins?
      — Seldom,      they are cheap and easy to get.
	A. since   	 	B. although
		C. because		D. if
(   )8. — Don’t keep the water running while brushing your teeth.
       	— Sorry. I forgot to     .
      	A. turn on it   	B. turn it on  	
	C. turn off it     	D. turn it off
(   )9. — How shall we go to the airport?
      — Let’s take the airport bus. It      only 20 minutes and      much less than taking a taxi.
      	A. takes; costs     B. spends; spends     
      	C. spends; costs    D. takes; spends 
(   )10. — There is often so much rubbish in the river.
      — Yes. Luckily, to save water, many actions     .
      	A. are taking  	B. are going to take    
		C. are going to be taken	
		D. are going to be taking
(   )11. — Do you know what the clothes on the show are made of? 
       	— Waste paper. You see, waste things can      to life.
	A. bring back    	B. be brought back    
		C. take away    	D. be taken away
(   )12. — There      lots of trees in the area.
       	— But they have all gone because people built a railway here.
	A. have been     	B. used to be 	
		C. have had    	D. used to have 
(   )13. — Look at the house! It      upside down.
       	— Yes. It must be cool to live in it.
   	A. is built    	  	     
		B. builds   	
		C. is building   	
		D. has built
(   )14. Which of the following actions is NOT part of green life? 
		A. Burning rubbish in the open air.   
		B. Planting trees in spring.
		C. Walking or riding bikes to school.  	
		D. Taking a shopping basket when going shopping.
(  )15. — I think the biggest environmental problem in my country is air pollution. 
	  —     . The air here is much more polluted than in my country. 
    	A. Not really   	B. Me, too	   
	C. Yes, I agree		D. It doesn’t matter
二、 完形填空。 (10分) 
At the University of Kansas art museum, scientists tested the influence of different colored walls. They chose    16    groups of visitors to an exhibition of paintings. For the first group the room was painted    17   ; for the second group, dark brown. Movement of either group was followed by a special camera under the carpet (地毯). The experiment showed that those who entered the dark brown room    18    more quickly, covered more area. And they spent    19    time in the room than people in the white one. Dark brown made people more active, but the activity    20    sooner. 
Not only the choice of    21    but also the general appearance of a room affects those inside. In    22    experiment, two groups of people were offered photographs of faces whose energy was to be commented  (评价). Both groups were shown the same photos,    23    they were in different rooms. One group was in a well-designed living room with a carpet. The other group was in a messy one. Results showed that the people in the pleasant room tried to    24    higher marks to the faces than those in the    25    room did. Other studies showed that students did better in tests taken in a comfortable room than in an ordinary-looking or ugly room.
(   )16. A. two		B. three			C. four		D. five
(   )17. A. red		B. green			C. white		D. yellow
(   )18. A. ate		B. walked			C. spoke		D. wrote
(   )19. A. less		B. more			C. better		D. longer
(   )20. A. started	B. continued		C. worked	D. ended
(   )21. A. colors		B. visitors    		C. cameras	D. experiments
(   )22. A. other		B. another			C. others		D. the others
(   )23. A. so          	B. because   		C. but		D. unless
(   )24.A. lose        	B. give	      	 	C. take 	   	D. get
(   )25. A. small		B. big				C. old		D. unpleasant
三、 阅读理解 (30分)
Going Birdwatching Around Shijiu Lake
Shijiu Lake is about 70 kilometers away from the city of Nanjing. It’s famous for being “A Swan Lake”. And our society introduces you to that.
You can enjoy beautiful scenery (风景) of the lake from the south to the north. The tour includes a boat trip and a visit to the main islands full of birds. And enjoying local food may make the trip more unforgettable. Also, you have plenty of stops for watching birds and taking photos.
This is a tour you can’t miss!
We meet and set off every day except Monday from the South Square of Nanjing South Railway Station (From November to February).
Price: Adult—150 yuan, Child—80 yuan (up to 16 years of age)
 	  For group of more than 10, 20 percent off.  
 	  Half price for members of the society. 
 	  Price includes coach and boat fare (费) and lunch.
Time: Leave at 09:15. Arrive at Shijiu Lake at 10:30. Return at 17:00. 
Remember to take: Raincoats (Umbrellas will be useless while watching birds), cameras, binoculars (双筒望远镜). Be sure to wear warm clothes. 
E-mail: [email protected]
For more information, please visit www. jiangsubirdwatching-society.com		
(   )26. If you take the trip, you can do many things EXCEPT     .
   	A. have local food  	
	B. fish on the lake
   	C. take photos of the birds	
	D. have a boat trip 
(   )7. If you would like to take the trip, you can go there on     .
   	A. Sunday, November 2      		
	B. Monday, November 3
  	C. Thursday, October 30      	
	D. Tuesday, October 28
(   )8. If a member of Jiangsu Birdwatching Society will take Mr Green and his son, 7, to take the trip, how much do they have to pay?
   	A. 230 yuan.    		B. 305 yuan.    
	C. 380 yuan.  		D. 450 yuan.
(   )29. How long does the trip from the square to the lake take?
  	A. About 7 hours.     	B. Less than an hour.
  	C. More than an hour.  	D. About 15 minutes.
(   )30. It is NOT a good idea to take      with you if you take the trip.
We all know that recycling rubbish is very important. But sometimes it is not so convenient when we can’t find a recycling bin anywhere.
Now a team of middle school students from the US has solved that problem by designing their Recycling Bin app (应用程序).
This app encourages people to recycle. It provides users with a map of local recycling centers. And it allows them to save places as favorites on it. This app also reminds users to recycle.
The group of nine sixth-graders is from STEM Center Middle School. They came up with the idea as part of a school project for the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Their school provided professional app training. It gave 10 teams Samsung tablets (平板) as prizes.
The challenge wanted to develop students’ interest in science, technology and engineering. In this contest, students showed an app design that could solve a problem in their school or city. The nine students came up with the idea for Recycling Bin when they saw a need for more recycling.
“We thought that this would really help a lot of people,” Jaden Hilkemann, 12, told Time For Kids.
They kept their design easy so that anyone could use it. Now the free Recycling Bin app has been put into use in the Google Play app store for Android phones or tablets.
“I was so excited when it went up at the app store,” Seralyn Blake, 12, said. “A lot of my family members downloaded (下载) the app. It was pretty cool.” 
(   )36. Recycling Bin app is designed by some     .
   	A. teachers    	B. students    	
	C. scientists    	D. parents
(   )7. In Paragraph 3, “it” refers to (指)     .
   	A. a rubbish bin   	B. the school 	
	C. the map  		D. rubbish
(   )8. The Verizon Innovative App Challenge is     .
   	A. organized by some students    	
	B. part of a school project
   	C. providing every student with a tablet 
	D. encouraging people to recycle
(   )9. Recycling Bin app is not     .
   	A. hard to use    	B. cheap to buy 	
	C. easy to download 
 	D. useful in life
(   )40. The best title for this report is “    ”.
   	A. STEM Center Middle School 		
	B. Google Play App Store
   	C. Time for Recycling    	D. A Winning App
四、 任务型阅读 (10分)
Animals are unlike people. They can’t speak. They are not able to express themselves even if they feel pain or sadness. They need people’s help. Now, we can learn from Sophie Smith and be animals’ true friends— volunteers working for animals. 
On Feb 3, 2014, a girl from Massachusetts, the US, said that circuses (马戏团) should no more use hooks (钩子) or chains on elephants. And the government should do something. 
Some elephants are kept in chains. They can’t walk freely. And chains bring them great pain. Some people even use hooks when they train elephants. The hooks are sharp and bring elephants much more pain. Circus actors even push a hook into an elephant’s body to move it along during a show. “After some time, the elephant’s skin breaks down. It feels the pain, but it can’t say anything. It can’t say no to those cruel people,” Sophie told local newspaper Marblehead Reporter. She also said that it would be bad for children. 
Sophie’s love toward animals started a long time ago. Back in 2011, as a sixth-grader, she searched for different animal protection groups online and helped them. 
So when she spoke in front of 70 people at the state house, Sophie was not afraid. She was full of courage. 
“Elephants aren’t treated with kindness. Since they cannot talk, I speak for them. I give them my voice and my love,” she said.
Be Animals’ True Friends Like Sophie Smith		Elephants’ pain	They can’t walk freely because they are (41)    .
Hooks are used when (2)     or performing during a show.		What Sophie Smith doesShe has been (43)     with animals since a long time ago.
She speaks for them with her (4)    .		ConclusionAnimals (45)     even if they feel pain or sadness.
They need people’s help.		
 填写单词 (5分)
从方框中选择合适的单词填空。harmful, wooden, cruel, advantage, industry		
46. Don’t be      to animals. They are our friends.
7.      houses catch fire easily.
8. Staying up late is      to our health.
9. Hong Kong is famous for its film     .
0. His experience in that foreign company is a great    over others.
 书面表达 (分)            
某校的 Going Green Society正在举行征文活动,主题是“Let’s Go Green!”。假设你是Andy,请根据下面的提纲,写一篇应征文。
   Dos          Don’ts 		◆turn off appliances (电器)
◆save as much water as possible
◆…	◆not use disposables (一次性用品)
◆not use plastic bags
1. 短文须包括上述要点,并适当增加细节。
2. 80词左右,短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。
Let’s Go Green!
It’s everyone’s duty to make the earth a green home. We can do something to go green in our daily life.
1-5 ADBDC	6-10 CBDAC  	11-15 BBAAC	
16-20 ACBAD    21-25 ABCBD	26-30 BABCD
31-35 ABDCD 	36-40 BCBAD	 
41. kept in chains  42. they are trained  43. in love  
44. voice and love  45. can’t talk
46. cruel   	47. Wooden   	  48. harmful   	
49. industry       50. advantage      51. news      
52. highest      	53. visited      	  54. thousand     
55. their			56. from			  57. healthy     
58. including		59. put			  60. eating
 One possible version:
Let’s Go Green!
It’s everyone’s duty to make the earth a green home. We can do something to go green in our daily life.
Firstly, make sure that appliances are turned off when they are not used, which can help us save energy. Secondly, it is also important to save water. We should form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used. What’s more, we should save paper by using both sides of it. Remember not to use disposables. And try to avoid using plastic bags which are harmful to the environment. 
In a word, going green is very important. Let’s work together to create a greener world from now on.

Unit 13 测试题 2018.4(满分100分)一、 单项..Unit 13 测试题 2018.4(满分100分)一、 单项选择 (15分)选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。( )1. — This is really      ugly bird. — But it is      useful bird. It can help fishermen catch fish.A. an; aB. an; an

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