Chapter 5《Success stories》同步练习2(深圳牛津八年级下)

Chapter 5 Success stories
1. My mother ______ While I _____ TV at that time.
A.. was cooking, watched        B. cooked, was watching
C. was cooking, was watching    D. cooked, watched
2. ______ you _______ this time yesterday?
A. Did, study   B. Were, studying     C. Were,       D. Did, studying
3. He _______ his homework at seven yesterday evening.
A. did         B. does     C. was doing   D. had done
4. What  were you doing when the teacher _______ ?
A. was coming in    B. came in   C. had come in      D. comes in
5 Some students were playing football ________ others were running on the playground.
A. as         B. while        C. when      D. since
6 - How old was Langlang ?  - He was born __________  May 1st,1982. 
A. in     B. at   C. on    D.  for 
7. We must be strict _______ourselves ______our work . 
A. with, in       B. in , with          C. with, with     D. in, in
8. Lang Lang is one of ________and most famous pianists ___ our time.
A. youngest; of   B. the youngest; of  C. younger; at    D. younger; in
9. When it ______ to rain yesterday, I _____ an exciting story.
A. started, was reading        B. was starting, was reading
C. was starting,  read         D. started,  read
10. He spent much time _____ English.
A. learning        B. learns   C. to learn         D. to learning
11. At the age of 17,he got his big chance to play _______that pianist.
A. in place   B. in place to   C. instead    D. in place of
12. – What _______ you  ________at 7:oo yesterday ?   – I ___________some food . 
A. did, do ,make             B. are, doing, ade     
C. were , doing, was making   D. were , doing, make
13. It was a great _______.
A. successful    B. succeed   C. success      D. successfully
14. He didn’t go to school ________illness yesterday . 
A. because of       B. because           C. why             D. so
15.-- Mum, the exam is coming . I’m afraid …  --________. I’m sure you can pass it . 
A. Don’t worry       B. Not to worry .   C. Don’t worried     D. Not worry
二.解释句子 (每句2分,共10分)
1.He began his piano at the age of three.
2. He spent six years learning English.
3. Mr. Charter gave us a lesson in place of Ms Even yesterday.
4. Lang Lang’s success came at a price.
5 .He always expresses his gratitude to his parents.
1.Multiple choices:
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10
C   B   C   B   B   C   A   B   A   A
11  12  13  14  15
D   C   D   A   A
1. He began his piano when he was three.      
2.It took him six years to learn English.
3. Mr. Charter gave us a lesson instead of Ms Even yesterday..
4.Lang Lang became successful after much hard work.
5. He always expresses his thanks to his parents.

Chapter 5 Success stories 同步练习一、..Chapter 5 Success stories 同步练习一、单项选择1. My mother ______ While I _____ TV at that time.A.. was cooking, watched B. cooked, was watchingC. was cooking, was watching D. cooked...

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