2017-2018学年鲁教版英语(五四学制)七年级上册课件:Unit 4 Section B 2

1. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 作为一份特殊的礼物,我爸妈带着我们去了印度。 __ a special gift, our parent ____ us __ India. 【解析】1) 此处介词as表示“作为……;当作……”,其后可以接职业、用途、特点等。用在句首时,这种短语的后面往往有逗号与语句的主体隔开。如: As a student, I must work hard. 作为一名学生,我必须努力学习。 As  句子链接 took to 【解析】2) 本句中动词take表示“带领”,take…to…则表示“带领某人去某处”。如: On Sundays, the father would take his daughter to the park. 一到星期天,爸爸便会带他的女儿去公园。 A waiter took us to our room. 服务员带我们到房间。     2. go camping 去野营      go+v-ing 常用来表示去进行某项活动。         e.g. go fishing 钓鱼                    go swimming 去游泳                go boating 去划船                      go skating 去滑冰               go shopping  去购物 3. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 在那里我们架起帐篷,生火取暖并做饭。 There we ______ tents and _____ a fire to _____ us warm and ____ food ___.  【解析】1) 请注意本句中这些相对固定的动宾短语表达法: put up tents 搭建帐篷   make a fire 生火;点起篝火 keep us warm  使得我们暖和 cook food on the fire  在火上做饭 put up  句子链接 made keep cook on 【解析】2) 本句的主体部分是we put up tents and made a fire,后续的to keep us warm and cook food on (it)表达的是made a fire的目的。句尾介词“on”后有所省略,以避免重复。     4. On the first night, …      在头一天夜里,……      一般来讲,英语中表示一天中的时间分别采用at night(在夜里)、in the morning (在上午)、in the evening (在下午)等,但表示“在某一天上午、下午、晚上等”的特定时间,往往使用介词on。如: On the early morning of November 20th, we got a special post card. 在11月20号一大清早,我们收到了一张特殊的明信片。 5. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 但是我太累了,所以早早就睡着了。 But I was __ tired ____ I went to sleep early.  我是那么害怕,一动都不敢动。 I was ___ scared ____ I couldn’t move. 【解析】英语中“so+形容词+that句子”,表示“太……以至于……”。例如: so  句子链接 that so  that The game is so interesting that I don’t want to stop playing it. 这个游戏是如此有意思,以至于我都不想停下来。 The soup was so delicious that he drank it up. 汤是那么好喝,于是他喝了个精光。 The weather is so cold that they had to stay at home.  天气如此冷,以至于他们不得不呆在家里。  6. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 我们看见一条大蛇正在篝火附近睡觉。 We ____ a big snake _______ near the fire. 后来我爸告诉我蛇……能够感到东西的震动。 My dad told me later that snakes…can ____ things _______. saw  句子链接 sleeping feel  moving 【解析】英语中表示感官的动词,例如see, hear, feel等动词后可以接动词-ing短语,表示“看见、听到、觉得某人或物在做…… (某事)”。例如: I can hear the children singing in the classroom. 我能听见孩子们在教室里唱歌。 I looked out the window and saw some boys playing soccer in the playground. 我往窗外望去,看见一些男孩子在操场踢球。 7. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 老鼠爸爸冲着猫大声吼叫:“汪汪,汪汪!” Father Mouse _________ the cat, “Woof, woof!”  我们对父母大声叫喊,想让他们知道我们的危险。 We _________ our parents to let them know about the danger. 句子链接 shouted at shouted to 【解析】shout at sb与shout to sb区别。shout at多指因生气或愤怒“冲某人大声吼叫,嚷嚷”,shout to sb一般是指“对某人大声叫喊”,目的是让别人听见。如: Could you stop shouting at the children? 别对孩子们嚷嚷了,好吗? There was so much noise that I had to shout to her. 太吵了,我不得不冲她大声叫喊。    8. a little difficult  有一点难         a little在这里用作状语,表示程度         “有一点,稍微”。         e.g. I'm a little cold/hungry.               我有点冷/饿。     9. watch vt.  观看, 看         e.g. watch TV / a film               看电视,看电影         watch sb. do sth.         观看某人做某事         eg. He likes watching children play.                             他喜欢看孩子们玩耍。  1. take …to …,        2. as a special gift… 3. go camping,         4. put up our tents,  5. take a long bus ride to a lake, 6. on the first night / the next morning,  7. make a fire to keep us warm and cook      food on,  8. sit under the moon,   9. tell each other stories, 课时重点回顾 10. be so tired,            11. go to sleep,  12. get a terrible surprise,  13. look out of our tent,  14. see a big snake sleeping…,  15. be so scared that …,  16. shout to…,  17. let…know about…,  18. move into…,  19. It’s important (not) to… 课时重点回顾 注: 另附word文档。                 点击此处链接 根据汉语填入恰当的单词完成句子。 1. When we looked out of our ____ (帐篷),      we saw a big ______ (蛇). 2. My dad _____ (开始) to _____ (跳)up and      down in their tent.  3. The next morning, my sister and I got a      terrible ________(惊奇).  4. This _____(弄醒) the snake up and it      ______ (移动) into the _____(森林). jump tent snake surprise started moved forest woke 1. -- What did they do last weekend?     -- They _________ to a movie.     A. went     B. go       C. gone 2. -- How ____ your weekend?     -- Not too bad. I stayed home and          watched TV.    A. was         B. were  C. is 选择正确答案。 3. I don’t have ______ bread, but I’d like       _______.      A. any, few   B. any, few        C. any, a little  4. -- Can’t you hear ______?     -- No, I can hear _______.     A. anything, nothing           B. anything, something          C. something, something 1. shopping, kids, went, five 2. a book, I, history, read, about 3. she, did, what, weekend, over, do, the  4. I, on, Saturday, movie, went, a,       afternoon, to    5. a, for, without, he, there, anything, sat,      doing, time, long Five kids went shopping.  I read a book about history. 连词成句。 What did she do over the weekend? I went to a movie on Saturday afternoon. He sat there for a long time without doing anything. Write a short story about  your great weekend.     I had a great weekend. On Saturday morning, I did my homework. In the afternoon, I played tennis with my friends Nina and Mary. I felt a little tired, but we really had a great time. After that, we went to McDonald’s for dinner. On Sunday morning, I visited  my grandparents with my dad and mom. I was glad to see they were in good health. On Sunday afternoon  I went to the piano lesson. It was a little difficult, but I loved it. I played it very well. What a happy weekend I had! Sample writing To preview the new words and expressions  Where did you go on vacation? Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section B Period Two Review Words and expressions Read the words and expressions loudly. high high school ago India tent put up moon adj.&adv. 高的(地) 中学 adv. 以前 n. 印度 n. 帐篷 搭起;举起 n. 月亮  Words and expressions  surprise  get a surprise snake scared move shout to… start n. 惊奇;惊讶 v. 使吃惊 吃惊 n. 蛇 adj. 惊慌的; 吓坏了的 v. 移动 对……大声喊叫 v. 开始;着手 Words and expressions  jump up and down wake wake…up into forest ear v. 跳;跃 上上下下;起伏 v. (woke)弄醒;醒 把……弄醒 prep. 到……里面;进入 n. 森林 n. 耳朵 Words and expressions  Read the passage to learn Lisa’s weekend  To learn to write about what you did last weekend How can we have a great weekend? What kinds of animals are people sometimes afraid of? Why? Make a list.(2a) I think spiders are scary because some of them are poisonous. Well, I think sharks are scary because they can bite and kill people. I think snakes are scary because they look horrible. Samples: Click it. 2b 1. How was Lisa’s weekend?  2. Where did Lisa and her family go last      weekend?  3. How did Lisa feel when she saw the      snake?  It was interesting but scary. Read about Lisa’s weekend and answer the questions. (2b) They went to a small village in India. She was so scared that she couldn’t move. 4. What did Lisa and her sister do?  5. What did their parents do? Why did      they do that?   6. What lesson did Lisa learn from the      weekend? They shouted to their parents. Her father jumped up and down to scare the snake. Don’t go near snakes. / Snakes can’t hear but they can feel movements. __ snake went into the forest __ put up our tents and cooked food __ learned a useful lesson. __ saw a snake and shouted to parents for       help __ snakes can’t hear but can feel things       moving. __ my dad jumped up and down in his tent __ took a bus to a small village in India __ told stories under the moon, then went       to sleep. 6 2 8 2c Put the phrases in order according to the passage. Then use them to retell the story.              4 7 5 1 3 Saturday  3a Look at the picture and complete the passage.  Sunday I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I ________________. It was a little difficult. On Saturday night, I stayed at home and _______________ cook dinner. On Sunday morning,  did my homework helped my mom I ________________. I read a book about history. Then in the afternoon, I ____________ with my friends. On Sunday night, I ___________. I saw an interesting talk show. went to the library played soccer watched TV Write about what you did last weekend.  3b Imagination Space Imagine you are a super boy / girl, what did you do last weekend?  (想象空间) Make an interview and give a report.  What did your friend do last weekend?  time How was your weekend? What did you do? Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Saturday night Sunday morning Sunday afternoon Sunday night Name: ______ Give a report like this:    My friend, … had a busy / nice  / happy / great / colorful… weekend. On Saturday morning,  he /she… What did they do?  How was their weekend? played computer games for 24 hours played cards drank wine smoked Discussion(讨论): It was not good, unhealthy (不健康的). It’s important to arrange  weekend reasonably and meaningfully.  Everyone should learn how  to make full use of time. 

1. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 作为一份特殊的礼物,我爸妈带着我们去了印度。 ..1. 根据汉语补全英语句子。 作为一份特殊的礼物,我爸妈带着我们去了印度。 __ a special gift, our parent ____ us __ India. 【解析】1) 此处介词as表示“作为……;当作……”,其后可以接职业、用途、特点等。用在句首时,这种短语的后面往往有逗号与语句的主体隔开。如: As a student, I must work hard. 作为一名学生,我必须

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