英语:Chapter1《Body language》重点知识讲解(深圳牛津九年级)

Chapter 1 Body language
1 body language
2 a travel agency
3 a well-dressed lady
4 glance at…
5 walk over to someone
6 greet someone cheerfully
7 a senior employee
8 prefer Debbie to me
9 the way you communicate with others
10 a chance to speak to…
11 your gesture and the expression on your face
12 give sb. a good impression / 
  make a good impression on sb.
13 rest one’s head on one’s hand
14 look up; hold one’s head ( up)
15 make eye contact with …
16 improve his body language
17 without hesitation
18 remind me that tomorrow is her birthday
1. disappointment 失望,沮丧 n.
disappoint使(某人)失望, 沮丧v.
e.g. To our disappointment, it rained on the day of the picnic.
Don’t disappoint me again.
2. well-dressed 穿着讲究的adj
e.g. People are well-dressed at the wedding.
3. enter 进入,登台 v.    entrance 入口 n.
e.g. Don’t enter the office without knocking.
exit 退出,退场 v. 出口 n.
exit visa出境签证 
fire exit安全出口
4. glance at 匆匆一看
e.g. glance at the newspapers = read the newspaper quickly浏览报纸  
5. greeting 问候,欢迎n.
e.g. People in France greet friends with kissing instead of shaking hands.
6. sigh 叹气 v. / n.
e.g. How can I lose my weight?,  he sighed.
Miss Cat left with a sigh.
7. a senior employee一位级别较高的职员
senior: holding a higher position
employee: a person who is paid to work for other people
8. What’s up, Simon?
What’s up? = What’s the matter?
9. The customers always prefer Debbie to me.
prefer A (to B)  选择A(而不选择B)
Which would you prefer, tea or coffee? 
I prefer tea to coffee.
10. It’s the way you communicate.
communicate with sb. 与某人沟通
e.g. Parents should always communicate with their children.
communication沟通,交流 n.
11. I don’t even get a chance to speak to them. 我甚至没有和他们说话的机会.
get a chance有机会
take a chance冒一冒险, 碰碰运气,
by chance偶然, 意外地
e.g. I met an old friend by chance.
12. What kind of language is that?
What kind/sort of…?什么类型…?
What kind/sort of shoes would you like?
13. You whole appearance communicates things.
e.g. Don’t judge by appearances.切勿以貌取人.
appear 出现 v.
14. He does not make a good impression on people.
make a good imopression on sb. 
15. He rests his head on his hand.
rest 被支撑,托v.
16. make eye contact with 与某人眼神交流
e.g. She is holding her head up.
She smiles.
She makes eye contact with the customers.
contact n.接触;联系 (U)
lose contact with 和……失去联系
e.g. They lost contact with Jack.
make contact with 和……联系
Can you make contact with him?
keep in contact with保持联络
e.g. We still keep in contact with each other 
after leaving school. 
16. Without hesitation, she went to Simon and gave him a big smile.
hesitation 犹豫 n.
e.g. She agreed without hesitation.
hesitate犹豫 v.
17. She wanted to remind me that tomorrow is her birthday.
remind 提醒 v.
e.g. Do I have to remind you again?
remind sb of sth.提醒某人某事
e.g. This song reminds me of my hometown.这首让我想起了我的家乡.
reminder提示信,通知信 n.
1.泛指,表类别,在不可数名词 / 可数复数名词前:

e.g. Dictionaries are necessary in self-study.        
   Horses are faster than elephants.
Water is a liquid.
2. 专有名词前(人名,地名,国名等):
Wang Gang; China; Germany; Japan;
3. 市名/街名/公园/广场/桥梁/大学名称前: Beijing; 
Beijing University;
London Bridge
4. 四季/假日/月份/星期前:
National Day/ Labor Day/ Children’s Day
5. 球类/ 娱乐活动/学科/语言名称前:
play basketball/football/chess/cards
Physics and English are required subjects in middle schools in China.
Mr.Wang, President of the company want
to have a word with you in his office.
We made him monitor of our class.
by mistake;     make fun of; 
on time;        on fire; 
on sale;        by air; 
at war with;     take office; 
lose heart;      in peace; 
in secret;       in public…  
3. Practice: Prepared before class.
表特指 某个/某些(人/物)= this/ that/ these / those
e.g. The book on the table is a book on space.
Shall I open the door for you?
复述上文提到的人 /物  (但:若是在上文的基础上附加/补充,则仍用不定冠词)
e.g. I found a pen in the corner of the room and I have handed the pen to the teacher.
One of my friends is a man and a man whom you want to work with.
表独一无二的事物: the sun/the moon / the sky/ the stars/the universe
The Chinese are a brave people.
the working class
the Changjiang River         
the Alps                   
the Pacific(Ocean)
the Great Wall            
the United Nations             
the Summer Palace;
play the piano / the violin / the guitar
in the east of China          
in the west of Japan
在形容词前,表一类人 : 
The old are taken good care of here. 
The wounded are to be sent to hospital at once.
Who is the first in the maths contest?  
The Changjiang River is the longest river in 
China and also in Asia.
Wang runs (the) fastest in our class.(副词的最高级前也可不用冠词)
The compass was invented in china 4000 years ago.   
Galileo invented the telescope.
by the way 顺便问一声      

take the place of 代替,取代     
in the distance 在远处 
at the same time 与此同时… …
b. The uses of indefinite article----不定冠词用法:
表泛指/ 表类别/ 一类人/物
A frog is an animal.
An elephant is heavier than a horse. 
表“一个”/“某个”“每一个”= one
Rome was not built in a day. 
He goes to see his grandparents twice a week.
in a hurry;  
make a living;  
play a part in;  
make an effort;  
as a matter of fact;  
have a word with…;      
have a good time;    
many a …;  
with a smile… …
1. in charge of负责               
in the charge of由….负责          
2. tell a lie说谎/ tell lies
tell the truth说实话 
3. have a word with sb跟某人说句话          
have words with sb跟某人吵架
4. at table 吃饭,用餐
  at a table坐在(一张)桌子跟前
5. out of question(没问题)
out of the question(很有问题)
 6. little / a little   few / a few 
7. be in prison ( be a prisoner)
be in the prison (not necessarily a prisoner)
8. a second/third time 再次(而这一次是第二/三次)指(在上一次的基础上)又….
the second/third time 第二/三次
9.  a number of 许多      
the number of …的数目
10. in the front of 在前部 
in front of  在前面    
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