Unit1《My name is Gina》同步练习1(人教新目标七年级上)

Ann: Bill! Who's that under the tree?
Bill: Oh, it's Jim.
Ann: Who is he?
Bill: He is a friend of mine.
Ann He looks like Sam.
Bill: Yes, you're right. They are twin brothers.
Ann: Really (真的)?
Bill: Let's say hello to him.
Ann: All right.
Bill: Hello, Jim
Ann: Hello, Jim
Jim: Hello, you two.
Ann: Where is your brother?
Jim: Sorry, I don't know.
—Where is Jim?
2. Bill is a ______of Jim.
3. and are twin brothers.
4. Jim is ______classmate.
5. They ______know where Sam is. (莎姆在哪儿)
A: Good afternoon, Marco.
B: Good afternoon, Walter.
A: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you, too.
A: Look, Marco. What's this?
B: It's a car. It's red.
A: Is it an English car?
B: No, it's a Japanese(日本的) car. It's my father's.
A: What's that?
B: It's a new bike. It's my bike.
A: Bike, can you spell it, please?
B: Yes, B-I-K-E, bike.
A: Thank you.
( )1. Is the car Japanese?
A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn't. C. Yes, it isn't. D. No, it is.
( )2. —How is the bike? —______.
A. It's fine B. It's new
C. It's Chinese D. It's Japanese
( )3. Can Walter spell the word "Bike"?
A. Yes, he can. B. No, he can't.
C. Marco and Walter car. D. Sorry, I don't know.
( ) 4. Whose( 谁的) is the car?
A. It's Marco's. B. It's Walter's.
C. It's Marco's father's. D. It's Walter's father's.
( )5. When( 什么时间) do they meet?
A. In the morning. B. In the afternoon.
C. In the evening. D. At night (在晚上).
BETTY: (Knocking at the door. 敲门)
MR HAN: Who is it? Go and see, Meimei.
Han Mei: Oh, it's you, Betty. Glad to see you.
BETTY: Hi, Han Mei. Glad to see you, too. Is everyone in? "
Han Mei: Yes, we are all here. Come in, please.
BETTY: Thank you.
1. Is Han Mei at home?
2. Are their friends at Han Mei's home, too?
3. Is this Betty's or Han Mei's home
4. Who is knocking at the door?
Ⅰ.1.under the tree 2.friend 3.Jim, Sam 4.Bill’s 5.don’t
Ⅱ.A. 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.B
B.1. Yes, she is. 2.Yes,they are./Yes, I think so.
3. It’s Han Mei’s home.
4. Betty is knocking at the door.
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Ⅰ.读对话完成下列句子。Ann: Bill! Whos that und..Ⅰ.读对话完成下列句子。Ann: Bill! Whos that under the tree?Bill: Oh, its Jim.Ann: Who is he?Bill: He is a friend of mine.Ann He looks like Sam.Bill: Yes, youre right. They are twin brothers. ...

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