2016聚焦中考英语(人教版)考点聚焦课件:第7讲 八年级(上)Units 4~6

14.His leg is seriously injured in the accident.____ a doctor at once. A.Ask for  B.Send for C.Wait for  D.Look for 15.—I haven't seen my grandparents for long.I'm too busy ____ them these days. —Why not call them instead? A.visit  B.to visit C.visiting  D.visit B B 话题——计划与愿望 一、本话题的常用表达 计划与愿望的表达 1.plan/hope to do 2.be going to do 3.would like/love to do 4.My dream is to... 5.will do 6.be willing to do 7.dream of doing sth. 8.want to do 9.decide to do 10.look forward to doing 其他表达 1.To be a/an...is my dream. 2.My dream is to... 3.I dream of... 4.Being a...will... 5.To make my dream come true,... 6.It's difficult to achieve my dream. 7.For this reason,... 8.I will try my best to achieve my dream by doing... 9.As an old saying goes:Where there is a will,there is a way. 参考谚语 1.Great hopes make great man.伟大的抱负造就伟大的人物。 2.Nothing seek,nothing find.没有追求就没有收获。 3.Early start makes easy stages.早开始是成功的保证。 二、佳句欣赏与模仿。 1.I get such_a_strong_feeling_of satisfaction when I see the animals get better and the_look_of_joy on their owner's faces. 【such (a/an)+adj.+n. 如此……;the look of joy 开心的神情】 当我看到孩子们开心的神情,我有了强烈的幸福感。 I get such a strong feeling of happiness when I see the look of joy on the kids' faces. 2.I'm going to keep_on_writing_stories. 【keep on doing... 坚持做……】 我打算坚持练习弹钢琴。 I am going to keep on practicing playing the piano. 3.Some people might say they are going to take_up_a_hobby like painting or taking photos,or learning to play the guitar. 【take up 开始做;学着做】 这个暑假,我打算开始一种爱好,比如弹吉他,画画或游泳。 This summer vacation,I am going to take up a hobby,like playing the guitar,painting or swimming. 4.For_this_reason,some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions. 【for this reason 由于这个原因】 因为这个原因,我决定多做运动来改善我的身体的健康状况。 For this reason,I decided to do more sports to improve my physical health. 三、写作范例(2015,益阳) 上周五,你们班举行了《我们的梦想》的主题班会,在班会上同学们踊跃发言:有的想成为老师;有的想成为一名警察;有的想当医生……。请你根据下面表格的提示以“Our Dreams”为题;写一篇英语短文,报告这次班会的情况,并谈谈你自己的梦想。 ... ... I Take acting lessons... A movie star Su Juan Do sports every day... A policeman Li Ming Study education... A teacher Liu Wei How to make dreams come true Dream Name 注意:1.文中不要出现真实的姓名和校名;内容可适当发挥。 2.词数:70词左右;文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。 【参考范文】 Our dreams Last Friday,our class held a class meeting about our dreams.Here is my report.Liu Wei wants to be a teacher when she grows up.She is going to study education.Li Ming's dream is to be a policeman.He does sports every day.Su Juan wants to be a movie star.She is going to take acting lessons.I want to be...I'm sure our dreams will come true one day. 八年级(上)Units 4~6 第7讲 1.serious(adj.)→seriously(adv.)认真地;严重地;严肃地 2.say(v.)→saying(n.)谚语;格言;警句 3.comfort(n.&v.)→comfortable(adj.)使人舒服的;舒适的【高频】 →comfortably(adv.)舒服地;安乐地 →uncomfortable(adj.)不舒服的 4.bad(adj.)→worse(比较级)更差(的);更坏(的);更糟(的)【高频】 →worst(最高级)最差(的);最坏(的);最糕(的)【高频】 5.cheap(adj.)→cheaply(adv.)便宜地;低廉地 6.choose(v.)→chose(过去式) →chosen(过去分词)选择;挑选 →choice(n.)选择【高频】 7.care(v.)→careful(adj.)小心的;谨慎的 →carefully(adv.)细致地;小心地;谨慎地 8.report(v.&n.)→reporter(n.)记者 9.serve(v.)→service(n.)接待;服务 10.create(v.)→creative(adj.)有创造力的;创造性的 11.give(v.)→gave(过去式) →given(过去分词)提供;给 12.plan(n.&v.)→plans(pl.)计划;安排 →planned(过去式/过去分词) →planning(现在分词)打算;计划 13.discuss(v.)→discussion(n.)讨论;商量【高频】 14.mean(v.)→meaning(n.)意义;意思;意图 →meaningful(adj.)有意义的 →meaningless(adj.)毫无意义的;意思不明确的 15.culture(n.)→cultural(adj.)文化的;教养的 16.success(n.)→successful(adj.)获得成功的;有成就的【高频】 →succeed(v.)成功 17.reason(n.)→reasonable(adj.)合乎情理的 18.drive(v.)→driver(n.)驾驶员;司机 19.piano(n.)→pianist(n.)钢琴家 20.medicine(n.)→medical(adj.)医药的;医学的【高频】 21.begin(v.)→beginning(n.)开头;开端 22.improve(v.)→improvement(n.)改进;改善 23.week(n.)→weekly(adj.&adv.)每周的(地) 24.agree(v.)→agreement(n.)同意【高频】 →disagree(反义词)不同意 25.own(adj.&pron.)→owner(n.)所有者;物主 26.person(n.)→personal(adj.)私人的;个人的 1.so far 到目前为止 2.be up to 是……的职责;由……决定 3.all kinds of 各种各样的 4.make up 编造(故事、谎言等) 5.take...seriously 认真对待…… 6.find out 查明;弄清 7.dress up 装扮;乔装打扮 8.take sb.'s place 代替;替换 9.grow up 长大 10.be sure about 确信;对……有把握 11.make sure 确保;查明 12.at the beginning of 在……开始 13.write down 写下;记录下 14.be able to 能够做某事 15.take up 学着做;开始做 16.agree with 同意;赞成 17.come out 出来;出版 1.才艺表演节目越来越受欢迎。 Talent shows are getting _______ ___ ______ popular. 2.镇上最好的服装店是哪家? What's ______ ______ clothes store in town? 3.所有的这些节目有一个相同的特征。 All these shows have one thing ____ _______. 4.当人们看这样的节目时,他们通常发挥着评判获胜者的作用。 When people watch the show,they usually ____ _ ___ __ deciding the winner. 5.你认为访谈节目怎么样? ____ __ ___ ____ __ talk shows? 6.林慧认为她能从情景喜剧中学到一些很棒的笑话。 Lin Hui thinks she can _____ some great jokes _____ sitcoms. more and more the best in common play a role in What do you think of learn from 7.然而,他总是准备好尽其所能。 However,he was always ______ __ try his best. 8.他们在电影中都演得很好。 They did __ ____ ____ in the movie. 9.许多决心与自我提高有关。 Many resolutions ____ __ __ _____ self­improvement. 10.我打算学另一门外语。 I'm going to learn ________ ________ language. 11.长大以后你想做什么? What do you want ___ ___ when you grow up? 12.我打算坚持写故事。 I'm going to ____ ___ writing stories. ready to a good job have to do with another foreign to be keep on ►think of 【典例在线】 What do you think of this movie?/How do you like this movie?你认为这部电影怎么样? I'm thinking of buying a new skirt for my daughter.我在考虑为我女儿买一条新裙子。 I couldn't think of the man's name at the moment.我一时想不起这个人的名字。 【拓展精析】 think of意为“认为”时,常用于句型“What do/does+主语+think of...?”意为“某人认为……怎么样?”。与“How do/does+主语+like...?”同义。用于询问他人的看法。 think of意为“记起;想起”时,与remember同义。 【活学活用】 1)—How do you like your Chinese teacher? —____. A.Yes,I like him very much B.He is very kind C.I enjoy his class D.I like his class 2)What do you think of the program called Daddy,Where Are We Going?(改为同义句)(2014,重庆) ____ do you _____ the program called Daddy,Where Are We Going? B How like ►take...seriously 【典例在线】 Please take what the teacher said seriously.请认真对待老师所说的话。 Don't look at her so seriously.别那么严肃地看着她。 【拓展精析】 take...seriously意为“认真对待……”。seriously为副词,意为“严重地;严肃地;认真地”。其形容词形式为serious,意为“严重的;严肃的;认真的”。 【活学活用】 3)He is joking.Don't take it ____. A.seriously B.carefully C.beautifully D.cheaply A ►expect 【典例在线】 I'm expecting Jim's letter.我正期待着吉姆的信。 Lily expects to come back next week.莉莉预计下周回来。 I expect my mother to come back early.我盼望妈妈早点回来。 I expect that I'll be back next Monday.我预计下周一回来。 【拓展精析】 expect动词,意为“预料;期待”。常用于以下结构: expect+名词/代词,意为“期待某事/某人;预料……可能发生”。 expect to do sth.预料做某事 expect sb. to do sth.期待某人做某事 expect+从句 预料…… 【活学活用】 4)All the children expected their parents ____ them to the cinema on Green Street. A.to take  B.takes C.taking  D.took 5)—You look sad.What has happened? —Everyone ____ us to win the match,but we lost. A.expects  B.expected C.hopes  D.hoped A B ►famous 【典例在线】 She is famous for her voice.她以她的嗓音而出名。 Mo Yan is famous as a writer.莫言作为作家而出名。 Chairman Mao is famous to every Chinese.毛主席的名字广为人知。 【拓展精析】 famous形容词,意为“著名的;出名的”,常用于以下短语中: be famous for表示“因……而出名”,后接出名的原因。 be famous as表示“作为……而出名”,后接表示身份或职业等的名词。 be famous to sb.表示“广为人知的;大家都熟悉的”。 【活学活用】 6)—I hear Dandong is a beautiful city. —Yes,it's famous ____ its rice and seafood. A.for  B.as  C.to  D.with A ►send 【典例在线】 She sent me a Christmas card.她给我寄来一张圣诞贺卡。 【拓展精析】 send动词,意为“发送;寄”,用法相当于give和show。send sth. to sb.=send sb. sth.把某物寄给某人。send也可意为“派遣;打发”,send for派人去请。 【活学活用】 7)My uncle ____ me ________ a birthday present every year. A.send;to  B.sends;/  C.send;with  D.send;for B ►What's the best movie theater?最好的电影院是哪家? 【典例在线】 Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China.杭州是中国最美的城市之一。 The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.黄河是中国第二长的河流。 Tom runs faster than any other student in his class.汤姆比他们班上其他任何一个学生跑得都快。 Tom runs faster than the other students in his class.汤姆比他们班上其他所有学生跑得都快。 Tom runs faster than any student in our class.汤姆比我们班上的任何一个学生都跑得快。(汤姆在别的班级) 【活学活用】 1)www.Taobao.com is one of _______________ (large) shopping websites in China. 2)—He is the only one who failed in the math exam. —Really?You mean he studies _______________________ (carefully). 3)Jim is the tallest boy in his class.(改为同义句)(2014,达州) Jim is taller than ____ _____ boy in his class. 4)—The scarves are all beautiful.I can't decide which one to choose.(2015,江西) —Oh,look at this red one.I think it's ____. A.beautiful  B.more beautiful C.the most beautiful  D.less beautiful the largest (the) most carelessly any other C ►When people watch the show,they usually play a role in deciding the winner.当人们看这样的节目时,他们通常发挥着评判获胜者的作用。 【典例在线】 He plays an important role in the TV play.他在这部电视剧中扮演重要的角色。 【归纳拓展】 play a role意为“发挥某种作用,扮演某一角色”。若要进一步指出具体的内容,后面应用介词in,表示“在某事或某方面起到作用或承担某种角色。” 【活学活用】 5)The Chinese Character Dictation Contest reminds us that Chinese characters play an important _____ (角色) in passing on Chinese language and culture.(2015,南京) 6)The way of learning usually plays a role ____ getting good grades. A.of  B.with C.in  D.at role C ►Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep.有时候决心可能太难而无法坚持。 【典例在线】 He is too young to look after himself.他年纪太小,以至于不能照顾他自己。 =He is not old enough to look after himself. =He is so young that he can not look after himself. The hot dog is too hot for me to eat.这热狗太辣了,我吃不下。 The river is too dirty for us to swim in.河水太脏了,我们不能在里面游泳。 【归纳拓展】 too...to意为“太……而不能”,是不含not的否定短语。too为副词,后接形容词或副词,to后接动词原形。 too...to结构可与not...enough to结构互换。注:not后的形容词要与too后的形容词词义相反。 too...to结构可与so...that (not)结构互换。注:that引导的从句中谓语动词应是to后动词的否定。 too...to结构中,若不定式的宾语与句中的主语是同一人或物时,不定式的宾语应省去(反身代词除外);若不是,则保留。不定式中的动词为及物动词;若不是,则应在动词后加上相应的介词。 【活学活用】 7)父母经常说我们太年轻,不能自己做决定。 Our parents often say that we are ____ young ___ decide for ourselves. 8)The box is too high for him ___________ (reach). 9)The movie is ____ wonderful ________ I want to see it again. A.too;to  B.so;that C.as;as  D.so;as too to to reach B ►can与be able to 【典例在线】 The bus can carry 60 passengers.这辆公共汽车能载60名乘客。 She was able to walk when she was only 10 months old.她10个月大时就会走路了。 【拓展精析】 be able to强调通过努力而获得的能力,而can则强调自身已具有的能力。 be able to可用于各种时态;can只有一般现在时和一般过去时两种时态。 can可用于表示可能性、请求允许等情况,而be able to没有此功能。 【活学活用】 1)Finish your homework first,then you'll ____ surf the Internet for half an hour.(2014,兰州) A.can  B.need C.be able to  D.may 2)We are sure he will ______________ be an artist when he grows up. 3)—_______ we leave school after 6:00 p.m.? —No,you have to leave school before 5:30 p.m. C be able to Can ►hope,wish与expect 【典例在线】 He hopes to be a doctor.他希望成为一名医生。 I hope (that) you are happy every day.我希望你天天开心。 We wish you to be happy.我们希望你开心。 I wish I could fly to the moon one day.但愿有一天我能飞向月球。 I expect to have a trip next Tuesday.我期望下周二去旅行。 【拓展精析】 hope意为“希望”,表示实现的可能性很大,可用于hope to do sth.或hope+that从句。注意hope不能用于hope sb. to do sth.结构。 wish意为“希望;愿望”,可用于wish to do sth.或wish sb. to do sth.。同时,wish之后也可以接从句,但是所表示的希望不太可能会实现。 expect意为“期待、盼望”,常用于expect sb. to do sth.。 【活学活用】 4)—Has Jane done the washing yet?(2015,苏州) —You cannot ____ her to do such a thing. A.want  B.hope C.expect  D.wish C 一、根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全下列单词。 1.Betty wants to join the Chinese Club to ________ her Mandarin. 2.—What ____________ over there,Uncle Huang? —A girl fell off her bike.She was lying on the ground. 3.—Do you know Ma Yun? —Of course,he is a very _________ (成功的) trader who founded Alibaba. 4.Tom is looking forward to going to China because he likes Chinese ____________ (文化). 5.He likes music and he wants to be a __________ (小提琴手). improve happened successful culture violinist 二、根据汉语意思完成句子。 6.只要我有空,我就去看你。 __ ____ __ I'm free,I'll go to see you. 7.北京是中国最大的城市之一。 Beijing is ___ __ ___ ______ ____ in China. 8.她对这份工作没有把握。 She is not ____ ______ this job. 9.别那么严肃,我只是开玩笑。 Don't _____ it so _________.I am just kidding. 10.阅读在我们生活中起到很重要的作用。 Reading _____ __ ________ __________in our daily lives. As long as one of the biggest cities sure about take seriously plays an important role/part 三、单项选择。 11.—Who does homework ____,Tom,Jack or Bill? —Bill. A.more  B.carefully C.more careful  D.most carefully 12.—____ do you think of the program Hero of Chinese Characters (汉字英雄)? —It's wonderful,and we can learn many characters from it. A.When  B.Why  C.What  D.How 13.If you keep fighting your homework by this way,you will not ____ pass your exams. A.be able to  B.are able to C.can  D.could D C A 【拓展精析】形容词和副词的最高级表示三者或三者以上(人或事物)中某方面的程度最高。常与in短语或of/among短语连用说明比较的范围。常用结构:+最高级:He is the tallest 形容词最高级the,而副词最高级前的the可以省略。+the+形容词/副词的最高级+复数名词+序数词+形容词/副词的最高级用比较级表示最高级的意义形容词/副词的比较级+than+any other+单数名词...(主语在比较对象范围内)形容词/副词的比较级+than+the other+复数名词...(主语在比较对象范围内)形容词/副词的比较级+than+any+单数名词...(主语不

14.His leg is seriously injured in the..14.His leg is seriously injured in the accident.____ a doctor at once. A.Ask for B.Send for C.Wait for D.Look for 15.—I haven't seen my grandparents for long.I'm too busy ____ them these days. —Why

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