Unit 4《where’s my backpack》教案1(人教版新课标七年级上)

Unit 4 Where’s my backpack?
Period One (Section A 1a-1c)
本课时的主要话题是谈论物品所在的位置。通过这一话题,训练学生的听、说、读、写四项基本技能,让学生通过询问物品的位置,学习一些有关家居物品和学习用品的单词,以及方位介词in, on, under, behind, next to等的用法,学习并掌握where句式的问答。学习名词单复数及人称代词it, they的用法,同时培养学生养成爱干净、讲整洁、合理摆放物品的好习惯。
二、 教学目标
1 知识目标: A. 学会一些表示家具的名词以及学习用品的单词;
B. 学会方位介词,如:in, on, under, behind, next to…的用法;
C. 学会运用方位介词和Where句型表述物品的正确位置。
2 能力目标: 能运用目标语言询问自己或他人物品的具体位置
3 情感目标: 培养学生积极,主动的学习态度。
重点:A. 方位介词: in, on, under, behind, next to等的用法;
C.新单词:bed, dresser, table, bookcase, drawer, wall, floor…
难点:A. 能够准确运用方位介词描述物品所在的位置;
附:(任务型语言教学模式(1) pre-task:呈现语言运用的形态,呈现教学的目标,激活学生兴趣.(2)while-task: 学生以小组形式完成任务,教师进行指导、监控,鼓励学生交流,学生生成语言。(3)post-task:学生以小组为单位报告任务完成情况。(4)language focus: 把本课语言点提炼出来,然后做总结、归纳。Enjoy a song.
Then ask: “Do you want to listen once, oh, where’s the mouse?
Help students answer: It’s on the desk?
Step 2 Presentation
Step 5 Listening
Step 6 Learn a chant
Step 5 Practice
Step 2: Pre-task
Show pictures of the things in different positions.
T: Where’s the cat ?
S: It’s on / under / in the case. ( Learn the new prepositions “in, on, under”)
T: Now, look at the screen, where is the girl in picture1? Look at the pictures on
the screen, put the prepositions on the right pictures.
Show two pictures on the screen to compare the differences between the single form and the plural form.
Practice the drills. (use the school things around you to practice the conversation.)
Learn the new words
Say, “Do you want to know about my book, desk and my room?”
Show a picture about a room with some furniture on the screen, use the target language to teach the new words.
T: Where’s my sofa?
S: It’s on the floor.
T: Where’s my …?
S: It’s ….
Memory challenge
Divide the class into four groups to have a competition and see which group can remember the most words.
Step 3 While – task
Deal with 1a and 1b
Show pictures on the screen and practice the target language in pairs.
Fill in the song and sing
Step 4 Post – task
Guessing game
T: Where’s the clock?
S: I think it’s ….
(Have a competition between boys and girls, and see who can guess the most.)
Make a survey
Interview one of their classmates, fill in the form, then give a report.
What’s in your room ?
Where is it ?
Name Things Places
Step5 Game: Find the difference
. Student A looks at Picture 1, Student B looks at Picture 2. Ask and answer in pairs and fill in the form.
SA: Where is the backpack? Is it under the table?
SB: No, it isn’t. It’s on the table.
Things Picture 1 Picture 2 backpack under the table on the table pencil case books keys dog Ask some students to report their answers like this: In Picture 1, the pencil case is … In Picture 2, the pencil case is…; In Picture 1, the books are … In Picture 2, the books are …
Step8 Pairwork
Ask the students to introduce their bedrooms to the classmates or to the teachers. Work in pairs or in groups.
Step10 Homework
学优中考网 www.xyzkw.com
学优中考网 www.xyzkw.com

Unit 4 where’s my backpack?Period On..Unit 4 where’s my backpack?Period One (Section A 1a-1c)一、教材分析本课时的主要话题是谈论物品所在的位置。通过这一话题,训练学生的听、说、读、写四项基本技能,让学生通过询问物品的位置,学习一些有关家居物品和学习用品的单词,以及方位介词in, on, under, behind, next to等的用法,学习并掌握where句式的问答

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