Unit 1《 Lesson 3 Meeting my classmates》学案1(牛津沈阳七年级上)

Lesson 3 Meeting my classmates
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一.Learning aim:1. Wh-questions : What
2. Daily expressions: What’s your name? My name is …
3. Learn numbers from one to one hundred
二.Lesson Preparation:New words
三.The step of teaching:1. Translate the following expressions
1.李老师___________ 2. 大家好_______________ 3.你们叫啥名字____________4.你多大了?________5. 我十一岁_________ 6.那你多大?__________2. 小组讨论:1. Say Hi to each other.
2. Say everyone’s name
3. Try to learn numbers from 1 to 100
4. Ask how old are you in groups
3.学习成果展示:Discuss in groups and change your answers each other.
一. 拼写单词1. What are your _____(emnas)?
2. My ______( enam) is Alice.
3. How _____(dlo) are you?
4. What ______(uobat) you,Eddie?
二单选1.你作为一学生,早上见到老师时,要说:______A. Hello! B.Good morning C How do you do? D Excuse me.
2.两人初次见面,经别人介绍后,要说:A. How are you? B This is David C Nice to meet you D. Hello.
3.你认错了人时,要说一声:A. Sorry B. very much C. Good D Thank you
4.对方夸你英语好时,你应答: A. Thank you very much B Not at all C. Yes, you are right D. I’m OK
三.根句意重新拼写单词:1. What _____(rea) your names?
2. How old are you,Alice? I am ______(velene).
3. Hi, ________(reveyneo), I am Eddie.
四.单词组句1.Kitty, is , this, is, this, and, Ben.
2. name, my, Alice, is
3. to, nice, too, meet, you, Alice.
4. you , are , Smith Mr
5. is, name.what, your?
6. are,how, you, old?
7. am , eleven,I
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Lesson 3 Meeting my classmatesTeache..Lesson 3 Meeting my classmatesTeacher: Checker 1: Checker 2: Name : _______________________ Date: ________________________Parents’ name : __________________ Stars: ______

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