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* * * * * * * * Chapter 2 School Newspaper Template Pre-reading Warm-up Do you read newspaper everyday? Can you name some English-language newspapers in Shenzhen? Do you know any words which used in newspaper titles? And what can you find in newspaper? Below are some pictures and headlines from a newspaper. Which sections do they come from? Match them with the following sections. 1 Local news 2 World news 3 People 4 Sports Sports, advertisements, reviews. Business information, TV schedules, weather forecasts, comic strips, etc. Some other sections we can find in newspaper: Before you read the passage on the next page, look at the title, the introduction and the picture. Then say whether you agree (A) or disagree (D) with these states. 1 The report is probably about a school newspaper. 2 The students in the pictures are having a meeting. 3 The students’ hands are up because they want to ask a question. A A D Fill in the blanks with correct words. She has been a teacher for more than 20 years, so she has a lot of _____________in teaching. Newsweek and Time _____________their magazine once a week. Do you have any ____________ about the class newspaper? The new manger will _______________ the company in a month’s time. We will ____________the problem at the meeting. experience publish suggestions take charge of talk over Fill in the blanks with the correct words. 6 Every citizen has the right to _______. 7 Part of the job of a ___________ is to take notes at the meeting. 8 The people of this nation will ________ the new president next week. 9 Time is running out. We must _______ the meeting before 10 o’clock. 10 We are __________ going to Canada on holiday. vote secretary elect conclude considering Useful phrases in this chapter 1.开会 2.放学 3.决定做某事 4.投票选某人 5.选某人当主编 6.建议某人做某事 7.主管,主持 8.作记录 9.负责 10.列表 hold a meeting after school decide to do something vote for her elect sb to be the chief editor suggest that somebody do sth take charge of take notes be responsible for make a list of 11.免费 12.征求意见 13.报纸的不同栏目 14.讨论这件事 15.应该做某事 16.意见不同 17.长一点 18.同意结束会议 19.安排做某事 20.一周后 21.做…的决定 be free to … ask for suggestions different sections of the paper talk it over ought to do sth. have different ideas a bit longer agree to conclude the meeting arrange to do sth in one week’s time make a decision about… Useful phrases in this chapter Template While-reading 1) Listen to the tape. 2) Read and try to answer the following questions Read Para 1-4, and then answer the questions. 1 Why did they hold a meeting? 2 What did they do first? 3 Why did they choose Joyce to be the chief editor? Some students wanted to publish a newspaper. First, they elected the chief editor. Because Joyce has experience. She was the editor of her class newspaper last year. Read Para 5-10, and then answer the questions. 1 Why Arthur should be the secretary? 2 Who will be responsible for different sections of the paper? Because he was the secretary of the Chess Club last year. He has experience. The other three, including Pansy, Tony and Millie. Read Para 11-15, and then answer the questions. 1 Did they decide the newspaper’s name at last? Why? 2 When would they have the next meeting? No. Because they had different idea. They arranged to have the next meeting in one week’s time. Which jobs did they get? Read what happened at the meeting and complete these sentences. One is done as an example. 1 Pansy I’m an editor. 2 Tony I’m an editor. 3 Joyce I’m the chief editor. 4 Millie I’m an editor. 5 Arthur I’m the secretary. I take notes during the meeting. an editor chief editor. an editor secretary notes Pansy Tony Joyce Millie Arthur Find the information while you read the article. Time: Place: Characters: Event: One day after school, soon after the term started At Mayfield School Some Grade Nine students : Pansy, Tony, Joyce, Millie and Arthur They held a meeting to talk about publishing a newspaper. Procedure of the meeting: Elected the _______________. Elected the _______________. Made a list of__________________. a._____________________________ b._____________________________ c._____________________________ 4. Considered the name of the newspaper: a._________________ b._________________ c.___________________ 5. _________the meeting and arranged to have the next meeting _________________. chief editor secretary the things to discuss How often should we publish the paper? Should it be free to the readers? What should we call it? the Mayfield Sun the Mayfield Mirror the Mayfield Star Concluded in one week’s time The students elected Joyce to be the chief and you to be the secretary. Is that right? Yes. Because we both had experience. Joyce was a popular choice as the chief editor. Is that right? Yes. Everyone voted for her. 1 Rita 2 Rita Arthur Arthur E Read Rita’s questions and complete Arthur’s answers. Pansy, Tony and Millie will decide on the different sections of the newspaper later. Is that right? Yes. Joyce said to them, ‘Talk it over among yourselves. We will decide at the next meeting.’ You will make a decision about the name of the paper at the next meeting. Is that right? Yes. Because we all had different ideas and we should think about this a bit longer. Arthur Arthur 3 Rita 4 Rita * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * Chapter 2 School News..* * * * * * * * Chapter 2 School Newspaper Template Pre-reading Warm-up Do you read newspaper everyday? Can you name some English-language newspapers in Shenzhen? Do you know any words which used in

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