Unit1《My name is Gina_Section B》教案1(人教新目标七年级上)

Go for it! Unit 1 (Section B)
教材分析:继预备篇三个单元之后的第一单元以Making new friends 为主要话题,并以Introduce yourself, Greet people, Ask for and give telephone numbers为功能项目,展开话题,在话题与功能项目为依托,在目标语言 “What’s your name? My name is Gina. I’m Gina. Nice to meet you! What’s your telephone number ? It’s 284-2942.” 中学习物主代词my, your, his, her, 学习词汇personal names, numbers 0-9, phone number, hi, hello,first name, last name,了解英语名字与中文名字的文化差异. 本堂课的内容是Unit 1(Section B), 主要通过Ask for and give telephone numbers 功能项目来学习英语数字。
一、知识技能目标:1.Listen and say English numbers from zero to nine.
2.Master and use the sentence “What’s your telephone number? It’s ….” to ask for and give telephone numbers.
3.Get the students to know some important telephone numbers such as 110,119, 120, 122, 96199 and so on.
四、学习策略:1、通过完成制作名片的任务,达到熟练运用句型“What’s your telephone number? It’s ….”。并通过卡片制作多少的比赛,使学生尽量快而流利的讲出英语和把听到的英语数字转化成汉,用阿拉伯数字记录下来,缩短了英语和汉语之间的转换过程。2、通过数字的闪现,锻炼学生的反应能力和学生的注意力集中程度。3、通过组内合作,组间比赛,提高合作能力和竞争能力。
五、教学重点:以“What’s your telephone number? It’s ….”为依托,达到听、说并熟练运用英语数字0-9。
I. Warm-up : A greeting song
II. Revision:
1)Greeting students with the sentences “ Hello! /Hi!/Good morning!/ Morning!/ Nice to meet you!/Glad to meet you!”
2)Go over first name and last name by introduce myself “My first name is Melissa, my last name is Xu” and asking “ What’s your first/last name?”
III. Learn English numbers from zero to nine.
Show a girl in picture.
1)T: What is her name?
Ask the students to greet the girl. The girl in the picture will greet them, too.
T: There is only one girl in the picture. Teach :one
Two bears, three fishes, four monkeys , …nine boys appear in the picture. The students count them and learn English numbers from zero to nine.
2)Listen and repeat, pay attention to the pronunciation:(Play the recorder)
Give students 1 minute to check whether they have learn the English numbers. If someone hasn’t , help to learn them each other.
IV. Practise saying English numbers;
Flash English numbers and get the students to say the numbers. They can have only one guess.
Flash Arabic numbers and get the students to say the numbers in English. Begin with one number and end with eight numbers (my telephone number).
V. Learn and practise “What’s your telephone number? It’…”
T: (The last number in Step IV 2) 63621406.This is my telephone number. You can call me. Get the students to say the number together.
What’s your telephone number?
Repeat the dialogue with several students.
Ask the students to ask group members’ telephone numbers and write them down on Page 4. Then each group choose one student to introduce his group members with “His name is…. His telephone number is ….Her name is ….Her telephone number is….My name is …. My telephone number is…”
Making ID cards competition:
Group 1, 2, 3 leave their seats to ask others’ names and telephone numbers and make ID cards for others as many as possible within 5 minutes. Then Group 4,5,6 repeat. The group which make the most cards will be the winner.
4) Valuation.
VI. Some important telephone numbers.
Show pictures and remember the important numbers 110, 119,120, 122, 96119.
VII. Learn English number song. “Ten little Indians”
VIII. Assignment.
Copy new words three times and write English numbers from zero to nine by memory.
Make up dialogues with “What’s your telephone number? It’s…”
Make your own ID card as beautiful as you can.
A suggestion: Make an address note.
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学优中考网 www.xyzkw.com

Go for it! Unit 1 (Section B) ..Go for it! Unit 1 (Section B) 教材分析:继预备篇三个单元之后的第一单元以Making new friends 为主要话题,并以Introduce yourself, Greet people, Ask for and give telephone numbers为功能项目,展开话题,在话题与功能项目为

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My name is Gina_Section B 人教新目标 英语 七年级上