8A  unit 8 Reading(1-2)
1. 熟练掌握以下词汇:shaking, fear, scream, direction, wildly, calm, loudly……
   词组:feel slight shaking, look at each other in fear, run in all directions, 
   in a great hurry, calm down……
2. 能够读懂文章,了解台湾地震的基本情况。
3. 了解自然灾害,并学会在自然灾害中自我保护。1. 听录音,读、画、背本课新单词及重点词组。
轻微的                 害怕, 恐惧(名词)                  尖叫               
摇动, 震动                 方向                 失去控制地                
平静下来                  陷入困境                 大声地                   
到处                   由于                    砖块               
起初 __________    _   向四面八方跑 ___________  __ 平静下来_______   ______
自言自语 _____   ______陷入困境 _______    ______   喊救命 ________  _______
很长一段时间 _________________   尽力做某事 _________________
寻找出路 _________________   匆忙做某事 _______________  2. 写出下列单词的变化
Shake (名词)____     __ (过去式)_____    __  direct (名词)_____     __ 
Wild (副词)_____    ___  loud (副词)____     __   trap (过去式)______     _
3. 听、读、译P94 Reading(15分钟)
. 通过预习课文翻译下列短语。
在一个购物中心                            恐惧地互相看着                       
碎玻璃                              一阵恐惧                               
一种像打雷一样的声音                             陷入困境地                    
a slight shaking                            run in all directions                      
calm down                           in a great hurry                        
try my best to do                              
move away the bricks and stones                              
当地震开始时,我正在购物。I_____________   when it started.
People _______          ____ While pieces of glass and bricks ____________    ____.
A moment of fear __________ my mind, but I told _________    Since I am  still ___     .
I _____________________ when I suddenly heard some noise above me.展示
1. 跟读磁带,分段阅读并完成课文每段的问题,检查同学们对每段的理解。
Para 1: Q1: What was Timmy doing when the earthquake started?Q2: What happened to in the shopping centre?
Para 2: Q1: What happened to the buildings?
      Q2: How did people react(反应)?Para 3: Q: Where was Timmy when the shaking stopped?
Para 4: Q: How did Timmy feel?
Para 5: Q: What did Timmy do while he was waiting for help?
Para 6: Q: How was he saved?
2. 小组合作:完成P95—B2,并将图片按事件顺序复述整个故事。(先组内展示,后班内展示)。
3. 讨论:分组对自己了解或是经历的自然灾害展开讨论:在灾害中如何保护自己?
如(1) Is it a good idea to jump out of the window if the building starts to shake?
(2) Is it safe to ride bikes or drive cars fast during a snowstorm?
(3) Is it safe to hide under a big tree during a rainstorm with thunder and lightning?
(4) What can we do if we don’t have time to escape?
1. At first, I felt a slight shake.  起初,我感觉有轻微的震动。
slight 为形容词,意为“轻微的”。 
e.g. a slight shake  意为“轻微的震动”
I’ve got a slight headache. 我的头有点疼。
2. Then I heard a loud noise like thunder.  接着我听见像雷鸣一样的一声巨响。
like 为介词“像,如,和 …… 一样”
e.g. She has a car like yours.
3. People screamed in fear. 人们因为害怕而尖叫起来。
in fear意为“害怕地,恐惧地”     in fear of 意为“害怕……,为……担心”
e.g. We were all in fear at that time. 那时我们都很害怕。
   The little girl is in fear of snakes. 那个小姑娘怕蛇。
4. People were running in all directions while pieces of glass and bricks were falling down.
1). in all directions 意为“四面八方”,与“in every direction”同义。
e.g. Butterflies flew away in all directions/in every direction.
2). while  (conj.)
① 在……时候,和……同时
e.g. While he was watching TV, he fell asleep.  他在看电视的时候睡着了。
② 而 (表示对比)
e.g. Ann was dressed in white, while Jane was dressed in black.
   I like music while he likes sports.  我喜欢音乐,然而他喜欢体育。 
5. ……but I told myself to calm down since I was still alive.  
1). since (conj.) 因为,由于;既然
e.g. Since he was busy, he didn’t come.   他因为忙,所以没有来。
2). alive (adj.)  活着的,在世的
e.g. His grandfather is no longer alive.   他的爷爷不在人世了。
3). calm down 意为“(使)平静下来”,calm 作动词。calm down 是“动词+副词”结构的短语,代词做宾语时,只能置于两次之间。
e.g. You must calm yourself down when you are in danger.
1. 根据中文提示或句意写出单词。
1). I went to the ____       ____ centre and bought many things.
2). She ______    ______ (感觉) sick and went to see a doctor.
3). It sounds ____          ____ bombs in the sky.
4). Don’t run in all _________      ___ (方向).
5). I tried my ________       __ to work hard at English.
6). I was caught in the rain and I was all w____         ____ on my way to school.
7). I am feeling a slight s____       ___ (发抖) through my body.
8). They looked at each other in f_______   __ and felt frightened.
9). Some girls s_____       __ because they were frightened.
10). Then I c_____     __ down and asked myself where I am.
11). ______________ (既然) everyone is here, let’s begin our class.
2. 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
1). I shouted _________  __ (loud) for help.
2). Tom fell off the tree and looked at his ______ ______ (break) leg on fear.
3). Then, the _____    ____ (really) noise came, like bombs under the ground.
4).“I can’t stay here.” the boy said to _______ _____ (he).
5). An earthquake _______  ____ (survive) told us the story.
6). There are many ______________ (nature) disasters in the world.
7). The earthquake killed ______________ (thousand) of people.
8). I _____________ (do) my homework when my father came home.
9). The earthquake in Ya’an _______________ (kill) hundreds of people.
10). I couldn’t finish the work _______________ (with) your help.
11). People were very frightened. They ran in all ______________ (direction).
12). I told myself to calm down since I was still ______________ (live).
家庭作业. 完成句子。
1). 他们告诉自己镇静下来。They _______________________________________.
2). 人们到处乱跑,不知道该去哪里。 People ____________. They didn’t know ___________.
3). 我们不知道墙什么时候倒塌的。We don’t know when the wall _______________.
4). 这把椅子挡路,请把它搬开。Please ____________the chair, it’s on my way.
5). 你能找到出路吗?Can you _______________________?
6). 人们互相惊恐地看着对方。People looked at _______________________.
7). 我什么都看不见。I could not ____________________.
8). 四周太静了。他们惊恐地彼此看着对方。It was too quiet around them. They __________.
. 根据课文内容填空。(首字母已给出)
I was doing some s_______ when it started .At first; I felt a s______ shaking through my body. Then I heard a big noise like t_________. People looked at each other in f_______.
Then the r______ noise came and the earth started to shake. People ran in all d________. I t_______ my best to run out the street too. People were running w________ w________ pieces of glass and b_______ were falling down. Then the walls began to come down too.

徐州市城北中学初二英语教学案8A unit 8 Reading(1-2..徐州市城北中学初二英语教学案8A unit 8 Reading(1-2)学习目标1. 熟练掌握以下词汇:shaking, fear, scream, direction, wildly, calm, loudly…… 词组:feel slight shaking, look at each other in fear, run in all directions,

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