Unit8《How Much Is That Altogether》学案1(北京课改七年级下)

Unit 8 How Much Is That Altogether
Unit 8 How Much Is That Altogether
① 知识目标	熟练掌握本单元的单词、短语、句型和语法
② 能力目标	能够熟练运用本单元的知识进行交流,完成购物的交际活动
1. 单词:本单元中单词的音、形、意
2. 词组  
1)how much           多少(钱)
2)two dozen roses       两打玫瑰  
3)a pet shop            宠物店 
4)a sports shop          体育用品店 
5)Here you are          给你
6)as soon as            一……就
7)in the red color        穿/戴红色的……
8)look so nice and fresh   看起来又好又新鲜
9)anything else           其他的东西
10)at the chemist’s         在药店
11)like…best             最喜欢
12)what about             怎么样
13)cough badly            咳嗽厉害
14)have a look at           看一看
15)some medicine for cough 一些治咳嗽的药
16)China Daily            中国日报
17)Beijing Youth Daily      北京青年报
18)Here’s your change       找零
19)on the street             在街上 
20)on the shelf             在架子上
21)talk about               谈论 
22)some storybooks         一些故事书
23)different kinds of        不同种类 
24)look for                 寻找 
25)four hundred             四百
26)look fresh               看起来新鲜
27)go with my shirt          和我衬衫匹配的
28)some drawing paper       一些绘画纸
29)among all these books      在所有这些书中
30)a pair of shoes             一双鞋  
3. 句子  
1)① Can I help you ? ② What can I do for you ? 我能帮您做些什么?
2)How much /How many do you want?  
How much/How many would you like? 你想要多少?
3)How much is that altogether? 它总共多少钱?
4)I need a tie to go with my shirt. 我需要一条和我衬衫匹配的领带
5)These hot dogs look so nice and fresh. 这些热狗看起来又好吃又新鲜。
6)Which one do you want? /Which one would you like? 你想要哪个?
7)What about/How about this one? 这个怎么样?
8)We’ve got many interesting newspapers and magazines here. 
9)There are some storybooks on the shelf. 有一些故事书在架子上。
10)I don’t want to buy so much junk food . 我不想买如此多的垃圾食品。
1. 购物的功能句:
Can I help you, sir?
What can I do for you, sir?
How about this one?
What’s your size?
What color would you like?
How much would you like?
Is that OK?
How many would you like?
Here’s your change.
Anything else?
Would you like anything else?
Which one would you like?
Yes. I’d like some apples.
Yes, Can / Could I have some apples?
Well, I’m looking for a hat.
Yes. Do you have any writing paper?
No, thank you. I’m just looking around.
Yes, I’m looking for…
How much is this shirt?
I’ll take it.
Here you are.
May I have ……, please?
Are there any other kinds of shoes?
Have you got any other kinds of shoes?
I don’t like this. Would you please give me another one?
A: Good morning, Madam. Can I help you?
B: __________________________________
A: Here are T-shirts for boys. ________________________
B: Size L. He is a tall boy. He likes cotton T-shirts.
A: ________________________. It’s made in China.
B: OK, let me have a look. ____________________________________.
A: 280 yuan. It’s popular with young people.
B: But I’m afraid it’s a little more expensive and I don’t like the colour.
A: Do you like this black one? It’s only 108 yuan.
B: Hmm, it looks nice. _____________________________. Thank you.
2. These hot dogs look so nice and fresh. 这些热狗看上去又好吃又新鲜。
look nice and fresh
look +形容词     看上去……
look old
look young
look beautiful
look interesting
3. Anything else
something new
something interesting
something important
something delicious
nothing new
nothing serious
Wait a moment, I have ________________ to tell you.
Is there _____________________ in the newspaper?
4. I need a tie to go with my shirt.  我需要一条领带来配我的衬衫。
go with  与……相匹配
What a beautiful tie, it goes with your shirt well.
The color goes with your bedroom.
5. I need some medicine for my cough.  我需要一些治咳嗽的药。 
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Unit 8 How Much Is That Altogether一、..Unit 8 How Much Is That Altogether一、内容:Unit 8 How Much Is That Altogether 二目标① 知识目标熟练掌握本单元的单词、短语、句型和语法② 能力目标能够熟练运用本单元的知识进行交流,完成购物的交际活动三、重难点重点:购物的功能句难点:购物功能句的运用 四、本单元重点知识:1. 单...

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